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Bushido: Neuheit

In der aktuellen Release-Welle von Bushido von GCT Studios kommt ein Oni.

GCTStudioBushidoTaburo (1) GCTStudioBushidoTaburo (2) GCTStudioBushidoTaburo (3)

Oni gain the power of those they kill and whose souls they drink, gaining a measure of the defeated’s skills and attributes. Taburo conquered a mountain and consumed its soul and the mountain to become what he is today. Countless weapons, even magic, bounce off him like raindrops. Meanwhile, Taburo is swinging whatever huge and ungainly weapon he uses to reap more souls to feed his need for Ki.
“I beat my swords into ploughshares as they are bigger and cut through meat and armour more easily.” -Taburo.
Are you tired of your Oni getting shot? Or are you worried about the damage Minimoto Samurai can do to your Alphas? Taburo can have Tough (3) with his Unmoved Ki Feat and the Oni Rage trait, making most damage disappear, barely touching his 12 wound boxes. However, he cannot sustain the Ki Feat without additional Ki from Consume Soul, and you cannot always Oni Rage; you must keep killing enemy models to fuel his outrageous abilities. The new Haul Ki Feat is also outstanding; if you need to gang up on a model and maybe get a surprise on it, this feat can move an enemy to somewhere you can take advantage of.
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