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GCT Studios: Weitere Bushido Previews

GCT Studios zeigen weitere Neuheiten für Bushido.

Bushido Tempel Militia 01 Bushido Tempel Militia 02 Bushido Tempel Militia 03

It’s been ages since we’ve posted a preview, right?
Up in the Ro-Kan Mountains, there is rarely a need for an organised militia as most villages are protected from bandits and outsiders by the monks of the Temple. This works well enough that most organised groups know not to target villages up in the mountains. Still, the villages need protection, and most have a group of their people to watch the village at night, stop any excessive conflict between families and keep back wild animals. They solve most of their problems by bringing shouting villagers and fire to scare off the upland bears and mountain gorillas. They lack real training, and unfortunately, layers of straw armour may protect them from snake bites and even simple knives and sticks, but they are no match for a katana.
Have you ever been playing your Bastions of the Mountain Warband and thought you didn’t have enough villagers for a peasant uprising? This is what you have been waiting for! With as low a Rice Cost as possible, these villagers will run away to find even more defenders, allowing you to play a true swarm of villagers, or will these extra bodies make your Warband able to fit a tricksy kitsune or sacred kami?

Bushido Ryu Ashigaru 01 Bushido Ryu Ashigaru 02 Bushido Ryu Ashigaru 03

Who’s ready for another reveal?
The Eddo Garrison rarely leaves Eddo, which allows them to wear the heavier armour they are known for. As a garrison, they also wield heavy naginata rather than the lighter yari. Since Hiro’s ascension to the Family seat, he has sent the Eddo ashigaru further afield. They are known for their intense personal loyalty to Hiro. These ashigaru have spent much time with the young samurai on patrols and in Eddo. They bear the burden of their heavy gear, marching far from home without complaint, and any would give their life for their daimyo.
Options for Armour (3), Brutal and Powerful Attack gives Claws of the Dragon a decent melee bruiser, not needing to rely on Push attack and Reach for Melee. Of course, you pay for this in Rice, so how will your list change?

Bushido Minimoto Koyama 01 Bushido Minimoto Koyama 02 Bushido Minimoto Koyama 03

As you may have guessed this latest wave of releases will also be available at the UK Games Expo, in limited quantities. Unfortunately they won’t be up for preorder on the webstore just yet but will be mid June, so not too long to wait.
Minimoto Koyama is a living legend to both those who are sent to and who serve at the Garrison of the Damned. She has served at the Garrison most of her adult life, and in an expedition into the underworld, suffered a shame no other Minimoto could bear: the loss of her armour. The only piece she brought back came to house the kami that has been named Aoi. Koyama feels an obligation to the ashigaru who stood by her when all she had was shame, and she finds herself coming into conflict with the Nanashi more often than not. Should a scout come to her for aid, she will lead the way, Aoi glowing in one hand, and an axe ready in the other.
Minimoto Koyama brings further variety to the Minimoto samurai and is the epitome of a samurai used to fighting back the bakemono horde. She brings useful abilities for finding camouflaged foes, and she can light up the area around her using Aoi, mitigating Darkness effects. Of course, being a Minimoto samurai, Koyama is no slouch in combat either, even if she wields an axe instead of a tetsubo.

Außerdem gab es weitere Previews auf Prereleases auf der UK Expo dieses Wochenende:

Bushido UKExpo24 Prev01jpg Bushido UKExpo24 Prev02 Bushido UKExpo24 Prev03 Bushido UKExpo24 Prev04 Bushido UKExpo24 Prev05 Bushido UKExpo24 Prev06 Bushido UKExpo24 Prev07 Bushido UKExpo24 Prev08

In a break from our normal schedule we bring news of some models that will be available during UK Games Expo.
First of all will be a new themed warband, for the Jung Pirates, The Deep. Also accompanying this is The Electric Eel, Jung Terrain set and Miyakomo’s Echo blister. These models will be available at the show as well as in our webstore.
Additionally there will be four models available only at the show (ie not on the webstore) and in very limited quantities. These will be Shiho Shirak (Shiho Clan), Satou Sadao (Prefecture of Ryu), Master Charlyn (Temple of Ro-Kan) and Kenichi Gemu (Silvermoon Trade Syndicate). All of these models will be on full release at a later date so don’t worry if you do miss out.

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