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GCT Studios: Bushido Neuheiten

GCT Studios stellen die erste Figur der nächsten Welle für Bushido vor.

GCTBushidoOgai (1) GCTBushidoOgai (2) GCTBushidoOgai (3)

All of this has happened before and will happen again, so say the unaging sages in The Temple of Ro-Kan’s tower of eternal wisdom. The Temple has fought and defeated The Savage Wave before. The monks of old sealed the Oni world of Krazzor away from their own, but some of that old invading force remained here, trapped in the Jwar Isles. There are known to be precisely a dozen Oni Ancients, but The Temple knows only four names. Ogai may be seen as the leader of the Twelve Ancients, but that may be human minds projecting their own notions onto an inscrutable culture. Ma’Kid, Taburo, and Urian follow Ogai, all recognisable by their greyer, weathered skin. Now that the current Savage Wave has been reunited with the Bakemono of the Jwar underworld, the fate of the Jwar Isles can only turn toward disaster.
Ogai is the biggest Oni seen this age since Rashka, The Devastator, and he has the profile to match. The Twelve Ancients all have the same advantage as our existing remnant from the previous Wave, Eldest Brother, in that they have Regeneration. Ogai also has Endurance, meaning he will have a healthy defence pool once he’s finished swinging his club. Speaking of which, with base +3 Strength and Powerful Attack available (Plus the ubiquitous Strong Trait), he can hit hard, and in fact, he usually maxes the damage chart. Finally, the unique Ki Feat, Riazzur’s Flight (Named for a story told on the Oni Homeworld), is a powerful control option if you have a model you simply cannot deal with. Playtesters named this Ki Feat “Oni Gokusatsu”.
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Redakteur von Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2001 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Armalion. Aktuelle Systeme: Freebooter's Fate(Alle Fraktionen), Bushido(Ito, Ryu, Ro-Kan),Moonstone, Summoners (Feuer, Luft), Deadzone, ASoIaF(Nachtwache, Targaryen), Dropfleet Commander(UCM, Scourge), Warmaster(Zwerge, Echsen), Eden(ISC, Resistance), KoW: Armada(Basilean, Ork) u.v.m

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