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Saucermen Studios: Grid City STL Bundle

Saucermen Studios veröffentlichen ihr Grid City Kickstarter STL Bundle als Late Pledge.

Saucherman Gridcity 03

Saucherman Gridcity 02 Saucherman Gridcity 04 Saucherman Gridcity 24 Saucherman Gridcity 23 Saucherman Gridcity 22 Saucherman Gridcity 21 Saucherman Gridcity 20 Saucherman Gridcity 19 Saucherman Gridcity 18 Saucherman Gridcity 17 Saucherman Gridcity 16 Saucherman Gridcity 15 Saucherman Gridcity 14 Saucherman Gridcity 13 Saucherman Gridcity 12 Saucherman Gridcity 11 Saucherman Gridcity 10 Saucherman Gridcity 09 Saucherman Gridcity 08 Saucherman Gridcity 07 Saucherman Gridcity 06 Saucherman Gridcity 05

Grid City – Kickstarter STL Bundle (LATE PLEDGE)

AUD$ 89.00


Missed backing our hugely popular Kickstarter campaign? It’s not too late!

Includes 23 STL packs (over 360 models!):

Grid City Core Set (90+ STL files)
All 22 locked & unlocked stretch goals from the Kickstarter (All-In Pledge)
Promo models, miniature bases, terrain, LED integration and scatter

Grid City is an interconnecting system of 3D printable, sci-fi cube terrain. This large collection of STL files includes highly detailed structures that seamlessly stack in diverse configurations with walkways that attach easily to create custom, hard-scifi layouts.

The variety of building shapes and multiple styles of architecture are based on a modular 3 inch cube layout for dynamic and functional setups.

Cyberpunk City Terrain BUNDLE!

Components all print without supports on FDM printers and fit together without any clips. They also print great on larger resin printers!

The core set includes 90+ models with a huge amount of modularity, interconnectivity, and extra interactive features available such as removable doors & shutters, floor inserts, interchangeable rooftops, various signage, building greebles, connecting walkways and more!

Grid City Cyberpunk terrain set 3d printable

Combine building sections and additional components in various heights, configurations and horizontal layouts.

The additional 270+ stretch goal models and choice of add-ons expand the features and themes even more!


The designs are compatible with games such as Deadzone, Cyberpunk Combat Zone, Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, Kill Team, Star Wars Legion, Judge Dredd, Stargrave, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, etc.

This is a 3D printable product (.stl file) – No physical items are provided. It is ready to print on your home FDM printer and does not require supports.

Quelle: Saucermen Studios

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