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Warcaster Neo-Mechanika: Neue Previews

Es gibt wieder neue Previews für Warcaster Neo-Mechanika.

PiP Warcaster Previews März 8

Ranger Outrider – Marcher Worlds Solo (resin/metal) – $24.99

From the back of its lumbering mount, the Ranger Outrider strides the battlefield, making quick work of the opposition with its mechanikally augmented long rifle. Should the enemy wander too close, they are certain to be pulverized beneath the beast’s crushing weight and thunderous tread.
Extremely fast-moving, hard-hitting solo.
Potent long-distance ranged attack.
Can spike at the end of its activation to remove its activation token.
PiP Warcaster Previews März 7
Warchief Malek Sezzar – Marcher Worlds Hero Solo (metal) – MSRP: $14.99
Warchief Malek Sezzar is a hard-bitten combat veteran and commander who has survived countless conflicts across the Thousand Worlds. Constantly on the move and demanding the same of the soldiers who follow him into battle, Warchief Sezzar can utilize his Command Interface to spike to remove activation tokens from Ranger squads.
Can spike to remove an activation token from a Ranger squad.
Pair of powerful ranged attacks including an armor-piercing Thumper Cannon and a Flamethrower.
Can move up to 3˝ after resolving a ranged attack.
PiP Warcaster Previews März 6
Automech – Iron Star Alliance Solo (metal) – MSRP: $19.99
The Automech is a robotic mechanic specializing in the maintenance of warjacks. In addition to its repair and warjack-supporting capabilities, the Automech also sports a powerful short-range flamethrower and repair tools that can double as deadly close-combat weaponry.
Can Repair warjacks.
Can spike to remove an activation token from a warjack.
Armed with a short-range, fire-causing spray weapon.
PiP Warcaster Previews März 5
Major Aysa Drayce – Iron Star Alliance Hero Solo (metal) – MSRP: $14.99
Major Aysa Drayce is among the ISA’s most skilled strategists and tacticians. A rising star renowned throughout the Alliance, Drayce’s natural capabilities are further enhanced by her Neural Command Web, which adds a menu of enhancing capabilities that may be unleashed in battle to augment the effectiveness of those under her stern command.
Menu of Neural Web commands.
You can charge this model with up to 1 Arc at the start of its activation if it is not already charged.
Regenerates 1 damage point each turn.
PiP Warcaster Previews März 4
Vassal Gang Boss – Aeternus Continuum Solo (metal) – MSRP: $14.99
The Vassal Bosses rise from the ranks of the labor unions and brutal gangs who typically feed the Vassals their raw recruits. Serving as lieutenants on the battlefield, the Vassal Bosses are skilled commanders and deadly combatants, armed with armor-piercing heavy submachine guns.
While within 10˝ of this model, friendly squad models gain the Sidestep special rule.
Can spike to remove an activation token from a Vassal squad.
Armed with a pair of armor-piercing Heavy Submachine Guns.
PiP Warcaster Previews März 3
Phaetheon, Whisper of Death – Aeternus Continuum Hero Solo (metal) – MSRP: $24.99
The product of diabolical arcane and biological experimentation, Phaetheon is a wrathful spirit of vengeance encased in cloned flesh. Though his physical form may perish—and has more times than he can count—his dark spirit rises to complete the Temple’s business before returning to the Continuum in his wraithly form.
Comes with two models. When the living Phaetheon is destroyed, it is replaced with wraith Phaetheon.
After advancing during its activation while charged, wraith Phaetheon can make one melee attack against each enemy model it moved over while advancing.
Wraith Phaetheon gains +2 DEF against melee attacks made by warrior models.
PiP Warcaster Previews März 2
Heavy Saber – Empyrean Solo (resin/metal) – MSRP: $29.99
The Heavy Saber is essentially an autonomous walking siege engine. Armed with a light Meteor Cannon and Protean Forge, this mechanikal servitor solo nearly packs the punch of a warjack.
Menu of powerful melee attack options.
Almost as potent as a light warjack, the Heavy Saber is among the most powerful solos in the game.
You can charge the Heavy Saber each time you target it with a Cypher.
PiP Warcaster Previews März 1
Aurelion, Aeon Weaver – Empyrean Hero Solo (metal) – MSRP: $24.99
Having long served the Empyreans as a Weaver in their wars of unification, for a time Aurelion retreated to the sanctity of the Great Constellation before being recalled to service. Having been initiated into the secrets of the Architect’s divine engineering, Aurelion has integrated all manners of potent and powerful arcane machinery into his strange form.

Can channel Fury Cyphers.

When you channel a Fury through this model while it is charged, the target of the attack suffers –1 ARM until the attack is resolved.

When you channel a Fury Cypher through this model, after the attack is resolved, this model can spike to return the Cypher card to your hand.

Quelle: Privateer Press


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