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Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds

Privateer Press teilen mehr Details zum dritten Warcaster Neo-Mechanika Kickstarter: Warcaster – The Thousand Worlds.

Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 2

Warcaster – The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter

Mark your calendar! (Better yet, sign up for our mailing list.) On July 13th, the Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds project will launch on Kickstarter, expanding your battles in the Hyperuranion with a host of exciting new models as well as an incredible sourcebook.

Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 3

Front and center in the Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter campaign are Faction Cadres, bands of related units that, when taken in your battle force, unlock an exciting and powerful Champion unit. The different elements of each Cadre can be incorporated into a battle force à la carte depending on your strategic plans. But the  Champion unit requires that all elements of the Cadre be included on your battle force roster. The upside? The Champion is effectively a “free” inclusion, as it does not occupy a slot in your roster, thus increasing your in-game options and potential force power. The Champions also happen to be the coolest-looking units in the Hyperuranion!

Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 4

The Dragoon Air Cavalry is the Coalition of Free States’ highly mobile strike force. At the heart of the Cadre are its two Dragoon squads, one specializing in unleashing firepower at range and the other specialists in combined arms. The squads are supported in turn by a shared Dragoon Gunner attachment armed with a physics destabilizing Particle Blaster, a Dragoon Strike Team Leader solo with a suite of command abilities, and the Storm Vulture, a flying-vehicle Champion that packs a powerful punch! This Cadre is especially noteworthy for its exceptional maneuverability. Disrupt your opponent’s offensive capabilities by dominating the rooftops until you are ready to strike at the time and place of your choosing.

Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 5

The Regulators are the ISA’s answer to arcane threats. Supporting the empire’s Justicars, this specialist strike force includes a heavily armed and armored Regulator squad backed by an attachment made up of three wyrd Witch Hounds, who use their strange powers to disrupt enemy Cypher effects. The Regulators are additionally backed by a squad of swift-moving Tracer combat drones and are commanded by a Regulator Reeve, a channeler with Arc-disruption capabilities. The Cadre is rounded out by the Headsman, a Champion warjack that carries some of the most powerful mechanikal weaponry ever developed by human hands.

Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 6

Dwelling in vast chambers within the Aeternus Continuum’s greatest temple complexes, the Divine Tempests are the Champions of the Terminus Cabal. These apocalyptic oracles of destruction are each attended to by a Fury-channeling Talon squad and defended by a pair of massive Synturions. The Talons are further augmented by the addition of a Relikon, a powerful mechanikal attachment specialized in Arc and Cypher manipulation. Accompanying the Cabal is the Nekosphynx solo, a stealthy and mechanically enhanced feline hunter capable of short leaps through time and space.

Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 7

The Harbingers of Cyriss are a battle force of Aeons. The heart of the Cadre is its two squads, the Exalted Paragons and the winged Antecessors Eternal. The Paragon Commander solo who leads the Exalted Paragons in battle also serves the Empyreans as a Fury-channeling weaver. Unlike the Saber servitors, who serve the Empyreans as expendable soldiers, the Aeons are ancient spirits too valuable to risk losing in battle. To save their spirits from this ignominious fate, an Eternal Metator Champion attachment leads the Antecessors Eternal into battle. The Metator collects the souls of those who fall in battle, generating vast amounts of arcane energy in the process.

The crown jewel of this Kickstarter campaign is The Thousand Worlds sourcebook, intended to be the definitive rules and lore resource for the Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika tabletop miniatures setting. The Thousand Worlds will compile all of the previously published game rules into a single tome while updating force-building requirements and correcting any errata from previous rules documents. Additionally, we will compile and update previously published articles and fiction into this central resource. But The Thousand Worlds is not just a compilation—it will be bursting at the binding with new material. One of our favorite authors and collaborators, Aeryn Rudel, has penned ten original short stories for the book, canvasing the Hyperuranion and illuminating the various Factions like never before. We’ll also be diving into the technology of Warcaster—the Neo-Mechanika itself—with technical specs on equipment, battle carrier schematics for each Faction, and an extensive history and timeline of humanity’s arrival and expansion across the Cyriss galaxy. If you like all your info in one place and if you crave knowledge of the Hyperuranion, this is the tome to own.

Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 8

We have frontloaded the rewards for this project in the form of three new Wild Card Heroes and you can receive one or up to all of them for free, depending on your pledge level. Make sure you’re an Early Bird, and you’ll also get The Quartermaster Hero attachment, who will outfit the squad of your choice with the best ordnance in the Hyperuranion.

Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 1

We’ve also got a long list of stretch goal rewards that include new warjack cortexes, upgrades to The Thousand Worlds sourcebook, Faction patches, and many more game-enhancing perks. Additionally, we’ve recruited our favorite author, Aeryn Rudel, for another tour in the form of a series of stretch goals. For each one we unlock, Aeryn will pen another short story based on one of Warcaster’s flavorful Wild Card characters, and you’ll choose which one!

Whether you’ve been part of the Hyperuranion since the beginning or are just getting ready to jump back into tabletop battles now that summer is here, we hope you’ll join us on July 13th to see everything else we have in store for the Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter campaign.

Get some additional insight with Matt and Jason as they talk Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds on Field of Fire: Tune in and check it out!

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