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Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter

Der neueste Kickstarter zu Warcaster Neo-Mechanika ist online.

Und darum geht es:

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 1

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is a high-speed hobby miniatures game where players collect and customize a battle force of 35mm scale warriors and warjacks and play out epic, scenario-driven battles across a tabletop.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 2

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika was brought to life through a Kickstarter campaign in March of 2020. This is the third Warcaster Kickstarter campaign, which introduces  new models and rules to expand the game. Whether you are a veteran of the Hyperuranion or are just getting into Warcaster, this campaign has something for you!

If you are brand new to Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika, starter sets as well dozens of models are currently available in game stores and for sale in our ONLINE STORE.

The Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter campaign introduces a host of new models to each of the four Factions of the game along with The Thousand Worlds sourcebook and a skyship-load of fantastic rewards to thank you for backing this project.

Below is just a sampling of the models offered in this Kickstarter campaign. (Painted Empyrean models coming soon!)

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 3

Left to Right: Ranger Outrider, Storm Vulture vehicle (Dragoon Air Cavalry Cadre), Warchief Malek Sezzar, Dragoon Strike Team unit (Dragoon Air Cavalry Cadre)

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 4

Left to Right: Major Aysa Drace, Headsman warjack (Alliance Regulators Cadre), Tracer unit (Alliance Regulators Cadre)

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 5

Left to Right: Divine Tempest (Terminus Cabal Cadre), Synturion unit (Terminus Cabal Cadre)

Das sind die neuen Fraktionsboxen mit Thementruppen:

Front and center to the Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter campaign are Faction Cadres, bands of related units that, when taken in your battle force, unlock an exciting and powerful Champion unit. The different elements of each Cadre can be incorporated into a battle force a la carte, depending on your strategic plans. But the  Champion unit requires that all elements of the Cadre be included on your battle force roster. The upside? The  Champion is effectively a „free“ inclusion, as it does not occupy a slot in your roster, thus increasing your in-game options and potential force power. The Champions also happen to be the coolest-looking units in the Hyperuranion!

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 6 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 7

The Dragoon Air Cavalry is the Coalition of Free States’ highly mobile strike force. At the heart of the Cadre are its two Dragoon squads, one specializing in unleashing firepower at range and the other specialists in combined arms. The squads are supported in turn by a shared Dragoon Gunner attachment armed with a physics destabilizing Particle Blaster, a Dragoon Strike Team Leader solo with a suite of command abilities, and the Storm Vulture, a flying vehicle Champion packing a powerful punch! This Cadre is especially noteworthy for its exceptional maneuverability. Disrupt your opponent’s offensive capabilities by dominating the rooftops until you are ready to strike at the time and place of your choosing.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 8 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 9

The Regulators are the ISA’s answer to arcane threats. Supporting the empire’s Justicars, this specialist strike force includes a heavily armed and armored Regulator squad backed by an attachment made up of three wyrd Witch Hounds, who use their strange powers to disrupt enemy Cypher effects. The Regulators are additionally backed by a squad of swift moving Tracer combat drones and are commanded by a Regulator Reeve, a channeler with Arc disruption capabilities. The Cadre is rounded out by the Headsman, a Champion warjack that carries some of the most powerful mechanikal weaponry ever developed by human hands.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 10 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 11

Dwelling in vast chambers within the Aeternus Continuum’s greatest temple complexes, the Divine Tempests are the Champions of the Terminus Cabal. These apocalyptic oracles of destruction are each attended to by a Fury-channeling Talon squad and defended by a pair of massive Synteriuns. The Talons are further augmented with the addition of a Relikon, a powerful mechanikal attachment specialized in Arc and Cypher manipulation. Accompanying the Cabal is the Nekosphynx solo, a stealthy and mechanikally enhanced feline hunter capable of short leaps through time and space.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 12 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 13

The Harbingers of Cyriss are a battle force of Aeons. The heart of the Cadre is its two squads, the Exalted Paragons and the winged Antecessors Eternal. The Paragon Commander solo who leads the Exalted Paragons in battle also serves the Empyreans as a Fury-channeling weaver. Unlike the Saber servitors, who serve the Empyreans as expendable soldiers, the Aeons are ancient spirits too valuable to risk losing in battle. To save their spirits from this ignominious fate, an Eternal Metator Champion attachment leads the Antecessors Eternal into battle. The Metator collects the souls of those who fall in battle, generating vast amounts of arcane energy in the process.

Neue Helden gibt es auch:

Each of the four Warcaster Factions is also being expanded with an exciting new hero and solo model.

For the Marcher Worlds…

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 14

Ranger Outrider

From the back of its lumbering mount, the Ranger Outrider strides the battlefield making quick work of the opposition with its mechanikally augmented long rifle. Should the enemy wander to close, they are certain to be pulverized beneath the beast’s crushing weight and thunderous tread.

War Chief Malek Sezzar

War Chief Malek Sezzar is a hard-bitten combat veteran and commander who has survived countless conflicts across the Thousand Worlds. Constantly on the move and demanding the same of the soldiers that follow him into battle, War Chief Sezzar can utilize his Command Interface to spike to remove activation tokens from Ranger squads.

For the Iron Star Alliance… 

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 15


The Automech is a robotic mechanic specializing in the maintenance of warjacks. In addition to its repair and warjack supporting capabilities, the Automech also sports a powerful short-range flamethrower and repair tools that can double as deadly close combat weaponry.

Major Aysa Drayce

Major Aysa Drayce is among the ISA’s most skilled strategists and tacticians. A rising star renowned throughout the Alliance, Drayce’s natural capabilities are further augmented by her Neural Command Web, which adds a menu of enhancing capabilities that may be unleashed in battle to bolster the effectiveness of those under her stern command.

For the Aeternus Continuum…

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 16

Vassal Boss

The Vassal Bosses rise from the ranks of the labor unions and brutal gangs who typically feed the Vassals their raw recruits. Serving as lieutenants on the battlefield, the Vassal Bosses are skilled commanders and deadly combatants, armed with armor-piercing heavy submachine guns.

Phaetheon, The Whisper of Death

The product of diabolical arcane and biological experimentation, Phaetheon is a wrathful spirit of vengeance encased in cloned flesh. Though his physical form may perish, and has more times than he can count, his dark spirit rises to complete the Temple’s business before returning to the Continuum in his wraithly form.

For the Empyreans…

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 17

Heavy Saber

The Heavy Saber is essentially an autonomous walking siege engine. Armed with a light Meteor Cannon and Protean Forge, this mechanikal servitor solo nearly packs the punch of a warjack.

Aurelion, Aeon Weaver

Having long served the Empyreans as a Weaver in their wars of unification, for a time Aurelion retreated to the sanctity of the Great Constellation before being recalled to service. Having been initiated into the secrets of the Architect’s divine engineering, Aurelion has integrated all manners of potent and powerful arcane machinery into his strange form.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 18

At the center of this Kickstarter campaign is The Thousand Worlds sourcebook, intended to be the definitive rules and lore resource for the Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika tabletop miniatures setting. The Thousand Worlds will compile all of the previously published game rules into a single tome while updating force-building requirements and correcting any errata from previous rules documents. Additionally, we will compile and update previously published articles and fiction into this central resource. But The Thousand Worlds is not just a compilation, it will be bursting at the binding with new material. One of our favorite authors and collaborators, Aeryn Rudel, has penned ten original short stories for the book, canvasing the Hyperuranion and illuminating the various Factions like never before. We’ll also be diving into the technology of Warcaster — the Neo-Mechanika itself — with technical specs on equipment, battle carrier schematics for each Faction, and an extensive history and timeline of humanity’s arrival and expansion across the Cyriss galaxy. If you like all your info in one place, and if you crave knowledge of the Hyperuranion, this is the tome to own.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 19 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 20

Neue Wildcard-Helden gibt es auch:

Headlining our rewards are a quartet of new Wild Card Heroes, each ready, willing and able to take up the fight for any faction willing to pay their price. Depending on the reward level you select, you could receive one, some or all of these models for free. If your selected reward level doesn’t include a Wild Card that you want, you’ll be able to add-on any of them that you’d like in the pledge manager.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 21

THE QUARTERMASTER — Wild Card Hero Attachment

With access to best human-produced arms in the Hyperuranion, the shadowy Quartermaster is a mercenary through and through, willing to sell her services to any paymaster. This Hero Attachment comes with an arsenal of powerful arms and munitions that can be shared with the squad she is deployed with.

The Quartermaster can be attached to any friendly squad.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 22

MASTER TULCAN — Wild Card Hero

Tulcan is an ancient Keeper who arrived in the Hyperuranion with the original refugees from that long lost world. A true master of the arcane arts, Tulcan has the ability to bank Cypher cards that can be later played during his activation. Naturally and independently powerful, Tulcan is one solo in the game that cannot be charged.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 23

AXEL FOR HIRE — Wild Card Hero

A robot of mystery on the run, Axel is ever willing to sell his services to the highest bidder in order to afford the continual maintenance that keeps him operational. The frenetic machine constantly moves about the battlefield, whether setting up a shot or dodging enemy fire. Axel’s potent mechanika sniper rifle boasts a long-range, high-damage output, and both the High Intensity and Singularity Collapse special rules.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 24


The mysterious entity known as Fenrik Leech is a skilled wyrd combatant with a deep and intuitive knowledge of the operation of void gates. His fine perceptions of the flow of Arc enable him to pull a charge at the same time another friendly unit is charged. He can also spike at the end of his activation to be recalled, rendering him safe to fight again another day…

In addition to the new Wild Card Heroes, we have planned a pile of stretch goal rewards that will unlock at funding milestones after we achieve our minimum funding goal. From faction patches to prints to ‘Know Your Enemy’ strategy cards, each of these rewards will increase the value of your pledge and enhance your Warcaster experience.

Das sind die Pledges:

Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter has completed based on actual costs to ship the rewards. We will collect your shipping information through our pledge manager once the campaign ends.

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 25 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 26 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 27 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 28

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 29 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 30 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 31 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 32 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 33

Und das sind die Add-ons:

PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 34 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 35 PiP Warcaster The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter 36

Und Infos zum Shipping:


Rewards shipping to Canada, Australia, UK and EU will be sent Duty and VAT Paid. For all other international destinations, backers will be responsible for any local import duties or taxes.

Below is a list of rough estimates to ship the WARCHIEF pledge level. Depending on your reward, shipping costs may go up or down. Multiple boxed sets and books will cost more, a single model will cost less.

NOTE FOR BACKERS IN THE UK AND EU: As you know, recent changes in the UK and EU are having a dramatic effect on the customs protocols and taxation for imported goods. We are doing our best to stay abreast of all changes while striving to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Pricing below represents our best estimates with the information that is currently available, but this information is changing and being updated frequently by the many governments and institutions involved in regulating the import of goods. All information is subject to change.

As a matter of policy, we do not ship to P.O. boxes, but contact us directly if this presents a difficulty for you.

(All shipping cost estimates below in U.S. dollars.)

  • EU – $35+

Die Kampagne läuft noch 16 Tage und ist finanziert.

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  • Uih das ist schon ganz schön hart. Ich hatte eigentlich auf ein 100$ Pledgelevel gehofft, in dem vielleicht nur das Buch und die Wilds drin sind.
    Einen ganzen Cadre brauche Ich jetzt nicht. Bisher habe Ich noch nicht ein Mal mit physischen Modellen gespielt.
    Da werde Ich wohl doch wieder, wie beim ersten KS, auf den Retail Release warten…
    Nur für das Buch brauche Ich dann auch nicht backen. Da ist mir das Risiko zu hoch, wegen Versand bei 60-70€ für das Buch zu landen….

    Naja vielleicht gibt es nächstes Mal ja wieder was für mich.

  • Ich bin jetzt mal mit einem Early Bird dabei. Bin gespannt wie weit es geht und was an Stretch Goals kommt. Der Start verlief auf jeden Fall sehr gut.

    • Ja 🙂 schönes dynamisches Spiel, mit angemessener taktischer Tiefe.

      Ist aber schon der 3. KS, so dass schon einige Figuren auf dem Markt sind. Sieht aber in jedem Fall nach einer soliden Erweiterung aus.

  • Die Designs haben sich tatsächlich verbessert finde ich, aber hat halt auch die üblichen PP Probleme…

  • Oha, steht es so schlecht um den Laden, dass mit einem Kickstarter das Risiko kleingehalten werden muss?

    • Kurze Antwort ja.

      Lange Antwort PP hat einige Trends verschlafen und musste die letzten Jahre einige massive Tiefschläge wegstecken die aber alle selbst verschuldet sind.

      Das hat der Firma nicht gut getan.

      Warcaster nutzt KS aber primär als Werbeplattform und um zu schauen ob es sich lohnt. Die PP Zahlen waren aber wohl die letzten paar Jahre eher sehr bescheiden so das sie keine Reserven für Experimente haben, aber dafür ist KS ja da.

      Die Ergebnisse bleiben aber bisher ziemlich weit hinter dem zurück was sie sich wohl erhoft haben.

      Das liegt zum einen an den Regeln die bei weitem nicht so gut an kommen wie sie sich das gewünscht haben und die figuren mittlerweile das Warlord Games Problem haben sie sind Designtechnisch etwas aus der Zeit gefallen, wenn auch nicht so spät 80ziger Scifi wie WG.

      Selbst in Amiland wo die Tabletoptechnisch alles irgendwie kaufen läuft es wohl geht so.
      Corona dürfte da aber auch nicht ganz unschuldig sein. Schauen wir mal wie es sich entwickelt.

      • Also über die Regeln hab ich bis jetzt nur gutes gehört. Wo hast du denn die Info her, dass die Regeln nicht ankommen würden?

      • Deine Quellen würden mich auch mal interessieren, vor allem hinsichtlich der Erwartungen… also wirklich

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