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Warcaster Neo-Mechanika: Neuheiten

Parallel zum bald endenden zweiten Kickstarter sind nun weitere Modelle des ersten Kickstarters bei Privateer Press verfügbar.

Artemis Fang – Marcher Worlds Hero Solo

Artemis Fang – Marcher Worlds Hero Solo – 14,00 USD

Artemis Fang is one of those rare warriors known to her enemies almost as well as she is to the Rangers and freedom fighters she serves alongside. Possessing a steely nerve, deadly skill, and the powers of a born theurge, Fang is a gun mage, a member of an ancient tradition whose origins are lost to history. She moves through combat like a living maelstrom of destruction, empowering the hail of gunfire she unleashes with potent arcane energies. Though few who meet her in battle live to tell the tale, the stories told by those who do only add to her legend.

As a gun mage and a theurge, Artemis Fang can generate and control minor mechanikal effects, specifically her suite of Attack Modes, which she can use to empower every shot fired from her Arclock Pistols. Each of the mechanikal pistols’ three barrels can be used to channel a different arcane effect. While charged, her pistols’ Smart Lock special rule enables her to ignore cover. Fang can spike in battle to attack a second time with each of her pistols.

Strike Raptor A – Marcher Worlds Heavy Warjack

Strike Raptor A – Marcher Worlds Heavy Warjack – 39,99 USD

The Strike Raptor is a massive machine equipped with an arsenal of devastating weaponry. Unbound by earthly terrain and obstacles, this warjack is equipped with powerful mechanikal jump jets that enable it to expend Arc for short bursts of flight, making it even more maneuverable than the swift-moving Dusk Wolf. A true support weapon, the Strike Raptor packs an assortment of arms that would be the envy of any military force.

While charged, this warjack ignores movement penalties for rough terrain and gains +1 DEF for each Arc currently on it.

The warjack can spike to gain +3 SPD and Flight for the duration of its activation.

Nemesis A – Aeternus Heavy Warjack

Nemesis A – Aeternus Heavy Warjack – 39,99 USD

Flying over the battlefield like bloated, black-steel insects bristling with malefic firepower, the Aeternus Continuum’s Nemesis warjacks are a terrifying sight to behold. Though clumsy on land, these machines are capable of achieving incredible speeds in the air. The Nemesis warjacks are relatively lightly armored to decrease weight and enable flight. To compensate, they are equipped with potent Arc fields that protect them from ranged and arcane attacks.

This is presently the only warjack in the game that always has Flight. A model with Flight can only be targeted by melee attacks made by another model with Flight.

While charged, this warjack gains +1 ARM against Fury and ranged attacks for each Arc currently on it.

The Nemesis can spike to use its Afterburner, enabling it to advance at its SPD x3 but at the cost of making any attacks that activation.

Morningstar A – Iron Star Alliance Heavy Warjack

Morningstar A – Iron Star Alliance Heavy Warjack – 29,99 USD

 If the Firebrand is the premier support warjack of the Paladin forces, the imposing Morningstar provides the heavy firepower. Designed primarily as a modular weapon platform, the Morningstar’s reinforced chassis enables it to carry larger and more sophisticated armament than the lighter warjack. Its integral range amplifier even extends the range of its guns while it is charged, giving it a definite edge in any firefight. A cantankerous machine in any configuration, the Morningstar is at its most lethal when its ranged firepower is maximized.

While the warjack is charged, its Range Amplifier adds +1 RNG to its ranged weapons for each Arc on the warjack.

When the warjack is targeted by an attack, its Impulse Reciprocator enables it to spike to return fire on the attacking model. Remember, the best defense is an overwhelming offense.

Baron Cassius Mooregrave – Wild Card Hero Solo

Baron Cassius Mooregrave – Wild Card Hero Solo – 14,99 USD

The much-feared scion of a powerful elector family with connections throughout the Supreme Concordiat, Baron Mooregrave’s unnatural lifespan has cast a long shadow over the courts of the Iron Star Alliance for centuries. Believed to be cursed or mad or both, his obsession with the Arcane is well known but the secrets of his longevity less so. While the intelligence services of the Alliance have long-suspected him of treasonous collaboration with the outlawed Aeternus Continuum, the truth is even stranger. Long ago, Mooregrave claimed the artifact weapon Oblivion from a forgotten alien world. A blade of incalculable darkness, Oblivion consumes the souls of those felled by it, empowering the noble revenant and extending his life well beyond mortal means.

Baron Cassius Mooregrave will work for both Alliance and Continuum forces. The Living Terror that surrounds Baron Mooregrave gives him +2 DEF against warrior models, whether or not they draw breath. When Mooregrave destroys an enemy that was charged, you can immediately choose to charge Mooregrave as he steals the Arcane spark from his victim. Additionally, each time Mooregrave destroys a warrior model, you can remove damage from him. Once per turn, Moorgrave can spike to advance 3˝ and make an additional melee attack.

Voitek Sudal, Bounty Hunter – Wild Card Hero Solo

Voitek Sudal, Bounty Hunter – Wild Card Hero Solo – 14,99 USD

A highly decorated veteran of the Iron Star Alliance’s Paladin forces who left the service under a cloud of secrecy, Voitek Sudal has dedicated his life to tracking down the most dangerous criminals in the Hyperuranion. With a reputation for ruthless professionalism, Sudal operates throughout both Alliance and Marcher Worlds territories. He is a man of few words, preferring to let his arsenal speak for him. In addition to his hard-earned survival skills, Sudal relies on a shoulder-mounted force constrictor to bring down his prey. Null detonators and a gate jammer assist in isolating targets long enough to get them tagged, bagged, and off world.

Voitek Sudal will work for both Alliance and Marcher Worlds forces. In addition to the weaponry referenced above, he also has Pathfinder and Stealth. After hitting a target with the Force Constrictor, Sudal can spike to give the target an activation token. Sudal’s Gate Jammer increases the cost of deploying enemy units from nearby Void Gates by 1.

Hierotheos Raxis – Aeternus Continuum Hero Solo

Hierotheos Raxis – Aeternus Continuum Hero Solo -19,99 USD

The discorporeal dead of the Consilio Mortuorum are generally considered to be the ascended masters of the Aeternus Continuum. While venerated and revered for their knowledge and contributions to the sect, these ancient shades are often relegated to the sepulchral halls beneath the Continuum’s temple complexes, contacted only when the Advocati require their counsel. Raxis, however, serves on as a hierotheos, a sacred messenger of the Aeternus Continuum. An agent and ranking envoy of the cult, Raxis moves between the great temples, coordinating divine works and spreading dark truths across the Thousand Worlds.

Hierotheos Raxis can channel Furies like a Weaver. Additionally, while he is in play, your Rack hand size is increased by one Cypher card. Raxis can spike to use his Thanotech Reclaimer special rule, which returns a Cypher card from your discard pile to your hand. Raxis possesses a Kinetic Field, which states that while he is charged, he and friendly models within 5˝ of him gain cover. Raxis’ floating sarcophagus is equipped with a Soul Grinder spray weapon.

Captain Jax Redblade – Wild Card Hero Solo

Captain Jax Redblade – Wild Card Hero Solo – 14,99 USD

With a reputation spanning the Thousand Worlds, Jax Redblade is among the most notorious pirates to prey upon the shipping lanes of the Hyperuranion. Bloodthirsty, cunning, and utterly lacking in moral constraint, Redblade is a fearsome captain but is an even deadlier foe. The noteworthy speed of her raw and her callous disregard for any lives beyond those of her crew have brought her to the attention of both the Iron Star Alliance and the Marcher Worlds. The Alliance would love nothing better to see her dead or locked away for a millennium while her relationship with the Coalition of Free States is a little more complex. Though Captain Redblade is generally willing to take any prize she sets her sights on, she is also known to frequent shadier ports throughout the Marcher Worlds and beyond. Where possible, she will strike at the Alliance, no matter what the cost, even if it means temporarily allying herself with their most hated enemies.

Captain Jax Redblade work for both Continuum and Marcher Worlds forces. While charged, Redblade’s Flight Pack gives her +3 SPD and Flight. A deadly combatant, Redblade can make an attack targeting any model that misses her with a melee attack. Coupled with DEF 5 and a Refractor Field that allows her to spike to reroll defense rolls, most opponents may think twice before trying to land a blow. Redblade is armed with a Fusion Sword and Magnum Hand Cannon.

Nemesis A Weapon Pack

Nemesis A Weapon Pack – Aeternus Continuum Pack – 11,99 USD

Increase your warjack load out customization options with this weapon pack, featuring one copy of each weapon included in the full Nemesis A kit: 6 weapons, 2 cortexes, and a card for each weapon.

Morningstar A Weapon Pack – Iron Star Alliance Pack – 11,99 USD

Increase your warjack load out customization options with this weapon pack, featuring one copy of each weapon included in the full Morningstar A kit: 6 weapons, 2 cortexes, and a card for each weapon.

Strike Raptor A Weapon Pack

Strike Raptor A Weapon Pack – Marcher Worlds Pack – 11,99 USD

Increase your warjack load out customization options with this weapon pack, featuring one copy of each weapon included in the full Strike Raptor A kit: 6 weapons, 2 cortexes, and a card for each weapon.

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  • Na dann kommen die hoffentlich bald in den regulären Handel… Hatte beim LGS bestellt. Das Spiel selbst sieht in den diversen Spielberichen und wenn man die Regeln liest interessant aus.

    Ist halt PP, damit nicht günstig und bei großen Spielen gibt es wieder Dopplungen, aber ich denke auf Skirmish level ist das durchaus einen Blick wert.

  • Ich hoffe auch das kommt bald hier in europäische Läden, ich hab mittlerweile wirklich echt Bock auf das System, die Regeln lesen such wirklich extrem gut.

    • Vielleicht erinnerst du dich, ich war bei eurem Beitrag zum Start des 2. Kickstarter so überhaupt nicht angetan von warcaster, aber nachdem ich mich näher mit den Regeln beschäftigt habe bin ich tatsächlich EXTREM angetan und definitiv gehyped!

      • Willkommen im Club. Bin gerade auch voll auf Warcaster 😉
        Könnte mir einige Starterboxen bei meinem lokalen Händler holen und über page5 hab ich noch das ein oder andere dazu bekommen.
        Die ISA ist auch schon bemalt. Jetzt brauche ich bloß noch einen Gegner.

  • War auch ziemlich skeptisch als ich die ersten inhaltlichen wie auch bildlichen Schnipsel mitbekommen habe. Obwohl ich IronKingdoms-WarmaHordes-Fan war seit kurz vor Ersterscheinen von Hordes (und die Welt auch immer noch sehr mag).

    Mittlerweile mausert es sich visuell aber, scheint mir. Irgendwie erinnert es mich auch etwas an Fallen Frontiers. Bin aber noch nicht überzeugt. Schön wäre auf jeden Fall, sich ein paar ausgewählte Figuren für einen beliebigen SciFi-Skirmisher zusammen stellen zu können!

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