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Crooked Dice: Argonauts Preview

Crooked Dice zeigt Previews der Minis für den Argonauts Kickstarter – die Figuren werden nach dem baldigen Versenden an die Backer auch im regulärem Shop erhältlich sein.

Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview5Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview2 Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview3 Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview4  Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview6 Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview7 Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview8 Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview9

Crooked Dice – Argonauts Preview

We also got the first castings of the Tripod from MDP yesterday – which is absolutely superb. We worked closely with Ernst and Martyn and Tom at MDP to ensure that is was a clean cast and simple to build.

I have to say I have been blown away by the quality of the casts and the simplicity and cleaness of the fit. The picture below (shown without Argo and tentacles) is nothing more than a ‚push fit‘ of the legs into the chassis – and the whole kit self supports without any glue! It really is an exceptional bit of work from all concerned – and I think you will be delighted with it.

Tripod (3D print) by Ernst Veingart (2 Bilder)

The Bride by Ernst Veingart

Spartoi by James Sherriff

AC & DC by Ernst Veingart

Trojan – sculpted by Andrew May. Painted for display by Andrew Taylor.

Medusa – sculpted by George Fairlamb and painted for display by Simon Bradley.

Archimedes – sculpted by George Fairlamb and painted for display by Simon Bradley.

Motherboard – sculpted by Andrew May and painted for display by Simon Bradley.

Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview10 Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview11 Crooked Dice Argonauts Preview12

Another quick Argonaut update – Femdroids 2! Sculpted by Ernst Veingart and painted for display by Simon Bradley. These were a late add-on to the Kickstarter and will go into retail early autumn.

Quelle: Crooked Dice FB

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