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Harbour Life: Kickstarter

Harbour Life ist ein kleiner Kickstarter rund um einen Fantasyhausen Hafen.

Harbour Life Kickstarter

Harbour Life Kickstarter – 28-32mm Fantasy Gelände & Miniaturen by Mystery Studio

28-32mm scale resin Miniatures Terrain, highly detailed for games, diorams, collectors and painters.

Hello, we are the „Mystery Studio“ team, we make high-quality collectible miniatures and terrain mostly on a 28-35mm scale.

We always had few fantasy elements on the table. And we decided to create them ourselves. In this project, we present to you a large set of fantasy city port. At the moment, we have already made prototypes and first copies of almost all the miniatures, except for a few.

All models are ready for production.

We sincerely hope for your support, because the emergence of new, interesting projects depends on the success of this project.

Main Lot:

Harbour Life Kickstarter1 Harbour Life Kickstarter2 Harbour Life Kickstarter3 Harbour Life Kickstarter4

Stretch Goals:

Harbour Life Kickstarter7 Harbour Life Kickstarter8


Harbour Life Kickstarter5 Harbour Life Kickstarter6

Pledge Level:

Es werden Resin Miniaturen und Geländestücke angeboten.

  • Add-Ons 10,00 bis 14 EUR
  • Main Lot Early Bird 130,00 EUR
  • Main Lot 150,00 EUR


Derzeit 1.200+ EUR vom Ziel 3.000 EUR erreicht. Endet 9. August 2020 14:13 CEST.

Link: Harbour Life KS

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