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Westfalia Miniatures: Gluttony Kickstarter

Der neue Kickstarter von Westfalia Miniatures ist online.

7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 0

Seven Deadly Sins

Boris had that Gluttony chonk sitting on his shelf and we decided to make some gluttonous followers and offer them as a set for rot loving painters, gamers and collectors.

7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 1

Gluttony is 115mm to the top and fits on a 50mm base.

Pledge Levels

There are 2.

The Custom Pledge tier will allow you to pick and mix from the minis in this campaign – add-on’s will be made available in the pledge manager, about 1 week after the campaign closes.

The All You Can Eat tier will get you every miniature we make available in this campaign. (That doesn’t cover Early Bird mini!)

7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 2 7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 3 7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 4 7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 5

Early Bird Minion

If you pledge during the first 24 hours, then you will get a free Early Bird Minion! Make sure you choose the Early Bird pledge.

7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 6

Forbidden Psalm

The mad crew from Forbidden Psalm will write a list for Gluttony and his retinue! The PDF will be free for ‘All You Can Eat’ backers!

7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 7


Here is a shot of the big boys with a lone barbarian to give you an idea of the scale. Gluttony is 115mm!

7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 8


The miniatures from this campaign and a handful of our top-sellers will be made available in the pledge manager after the campaign is over.

7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 9 7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 10 7 Deadly Sins Gluttony 11

Es gibt noch reichlich mehr Add-ons, dazu verweisen wir aber auf die Kickstarterseite.

The Team

  • Boris Woloszyn – Beholder @Westfalia Miniatures
  • Gregg Williams – Lvl 1 Thief @Wyrmforge Casting
  • Kawe Weissi-Zadeh – Lvl 1 Fighter @Westfalia Miniatures

Thank you

You’ve made it to the end of the page and we appreciate that!

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 10 Tage.

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