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Warmachine: Neuheiten und Previews

Es gibt wieder News aus der Welt von Warmachine.

PiP Iron Kingdoms Requiem Widowmakers (Digital) (5e)

Iron Kingdoms : Requiem — Widowmakers (Digital) (5e) – $1.99


Make every shot count.

Master scouts and sharpshooters, the Widowmakers are the elite sniper corps of Khador. Using custom long rifles, they sow discord and panic among the enemies of the Empire, picking off high-value targets and surgically dismantling foes with precision shots. Walk in the shoes of the Widowmakers with this all-new Gunfighter Archetype for Iron Kingdoms: Requiem.

PiP Ghosts Of Ios 1 PiP Ghosts Of Ios 2 PiP Ghosts Of Ios 3 PiP Ghosts Of Ios 4 PiP Ghosts Of Ios 5 PiP Ghosts Of Ios 6 PiP Ghosts Of Ios 7 PiP Ghosts Of Ios 8 PiP Ghosts Of Ios 9

Ghosts of Ios – $119.99

This item is a preorder, scheduled to start shipping by May 13th, 2024. Any items ordered with a preorder will be held to ship at the same time.
Preorder before May 13th, 2024, to receive a FREE Variant Mage Hunter Commander!

Dusk Ghosts of Ios


  • Morayne, the Blade of Twilight (warcaster)
  • Mage Hunter Assassins (3-model unit)
  • Mage Hunter Rangers (3-model unit)
  • Mage Hunter Sniper Team (weapon crew solo)
  • Mage Hunter Commander (solo)
  • Vaelyss, the Hand of Mourning (2-model character solo)
  • Specter (light warjack)

Led by Morayne, the Blade of Twilight, the Ghosts of Ios are a ragtag band of refugee mage hunters who have devoted themselves to the protection of all living Iosans. Ranging between the refugee camps of Llael and Rhul and the former Skorne territories in the Bloodstone Marches, the Ghosts operate at the fringes of the Empire of Eternal Dusk. Working in loose coordination with House Kallyss and the other members of the Court of Dusk, these former members of the Retribution of Scyrah strike at their shared enemies to preserve the legacy of the Vanished Gods.

The Ghosts of Ios cadre includes Morayne, the Blade of Twilight (warcaster), the Mage Hunter Assassins and Mage Hunter Rangers (units), the Mage Hunter Sniper Team (solo), Mage Hunter Commander (solo), Vaelyss, the Hand of Mourning (character solo), and the Specter (light warjack).

Pip Shard Incarnates 1 Pip Shard Incarnates 2 Pip Shard Incarnates 3 Pip Shard Incarnates 4 Pip Shard Incarnates 5

Shard Incarnates – $109.99

This item is a preorder, scheduled to start shipping by May 13th, 2024. Any items ordered with a preorder will be held to ship at the same time.

Khymaera Shard Incarnates


Kyrrax, the Unrelenting Night (warlock)
Incarnate Knights (3-model unit)
Incarnate Conjuror (solo)
Drakyon (heavy warbeast)

Steadily intensifying tremors precede their coming. The rumbling escalates until the ground cracks and breaks from a deafening cacophony of thunderous steps that heralds their arrival. Lacking all subtlety of the Shadowflame Shard, the Shard Incarnates are the Khymaera’s intrepid juggernauts, used to breach any defense or formation. Kyrrax, the Unrelenting Night, is an unstoppable force who drives his vanguard to smash and shatter whatever stands in their way while the rest of Khymaera flood in from behind. He guides Drakyons, beasts of speed and ferocity, to slam through the densest of phalanxes and drive a wedge to capitalize on. The Incarnate Knights flood into the gaps, swinging their oversized flails to batter and fracture stone and steel while the Incarnate Conjurors enhance the assault with their arcane mastery.

The Shard Incarnates cadre includes Kyrrax, The Unrelenting Night (warlock), the Incarnate Knights (unit), the Incarnate Conjuror (solo), and a Drakyon (warbeast).

Und dann ist noch der neue Primecast da:

Ahoy, seadogs and buccaneers—it’s time once again for PRIMECAST+ Episode 26. We are dropping this one a bit late in the month due to stormy seas and raging skies–that is, some technical issues. This episode, we dig deep into the dark side of the Iron kingdoms as we take a look at some of the Cygnar Gravediggers expansion. We then take a stroll, or perhaps a death crawl, through the Necrofactorium. Undead lich lords can be found on aisle 9…

Quelle: Privateer Press


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