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TTCombat: Rumbleslam Preorder

TTCombat veröffentlichen die Tidal Wave für Rumbleslam.

The Lady Luck kostet 8£

TTcombatRumbleslamTheLadyLuck (1)  TTcombatRumbleslamTheLadyLuck (3)

Once an actual figurehead, The Lady Luck was given life by a drunk mage on day two of a ninety day pub crawl.
Unsatisfied with her lot in life, she dreamed of joining the wrestlers that fought on her deck as a casino ship. With an almighty crash, she pulled herself free of her ship, then proceeded to eliminate every wrestler in the ring.
That was shortly before the ship sank. Now The Lady luck fights to repay her debt to the casino, lest she incur the wrath of the sea.

Lady Luck is a brawler with a consistent 2 Silver plus 1 in ATT, plus that solid wooden build gives a Gold, Silver and Bronze in DEF, making Lady Luck a tricky KO.

She comes with two very solid moves, Run Aground and Flying Figurehead. The first is a rope attack that deals a solid 2 Damage and gives the wrestler -1AP. The Second is a Turnbuckle that will have her flying across the ring and Daze her opponent stopping them in place.

Having a figurehead in the ring inspires friendly wrestlers, this means whenever a friendly wrestler pins or throws out an enemy you gain a reroll making victory that much sweeter.

Das Duo Bait and Switch kostet 15£

TTcombatRumbleslamBaitAndSwitch (1)  TTcombatRumbleslamBaitAndSwitch (3)

Bait and Switch have only recently started as a tag team! They used to be mortal enemies while working with other partners, but have since found common ground.

This fishy duo dominates the ring with their luring tactics. Switch is the brawn of the pair, rocking 2 Gold and a Silver in ATT means Brawl attacks are breaking through most defences. Swallow Whole is a grapple you want to watch out for, unless you want to be fish bait and be removed from the ring. The Fisherman Spear is a Rope ability with 3 silver plus 1 and a base 2 Damage, letting the other wrestlers know how the fish feel. Thanks to Switch’s…interesting look he startles even the hardiest of wrestlers, allowing him to give out negative counters to wrestlers nearby. Finally, his ambush ability allows him to take Baits place when a beatdown is being laid on the little guy.

Bait is everyones favorite little squishy, but don’t get too close otherwise hill grab onto you with Facehugger and not let go. Keep in mind he is poisonous, making those grapple attacks even more potent.

If Bait and Switch are in the ring at the same time, they use their legendary tag move Shine for a Shiner, double Gold and 4 Damage makes it a crippling move that will have any wrestler sleeping with the fishes.

Ikatere kostet 12£


Ikatere always contests Makara’s claim that he was one of the first sea creatures. Mainly because Ikatere claims that he’s the father of all sea creatures. RUMBLESLAM historians aren’t quite sure if this was meant literally or metaphorically, but have decided not to open that can of worms.

The Father of the Sea is a Weight 3 that hits harder than most. A Gold and 2 Silver in ATT means Brawl attacks deliver quite the hurt, backed up with a solid DEF and GRP proves Ikatere is not going down anytime soon. His move set is even more impressive, each one boasting a healthy mix of gold and silver, making him consistent and effective. Giant Facehook is a grapple that will give -1AP to enemy wrestlers, locking them in their tracks. Islandbreaker is a rope attack swiftly followed by a brawl attack thanks to fury.

Finally, Fiery Crossbody will deal huge damage and give the target a Bleeding counter, dealing even more damage. Shapeshifter is an Activate ability that has Ikatere soaring through the skies or digging under the ring, the player’s choice. You’re Welcome is a Crowd-Pleaser that moves counters from other wrestlers to Ikatere, reaping the benefits of all their hard work.

Reefback gibt es für 12£


Reefback is a recognised conservation area. He has over 50 types of rare fighting coral encrusted onto his back.
Conservationists and RUMBLESLAM enthusiasts recognise that enrichment should be part of the conservation effort, and Reefback is encouraged to take to the ring whenever the tide is right.

This coral conservation has a mighty statline, 2 Gold in ATT and 3 Silver in Grapple makes him a master at both styles. Reefback has three unique moves, the Tidal DDT is a Grapple that uses the force of the sea to Shove wrestlers around the ring. Anchors Aweigh is a high AP rope attack, but deals high damage and Knockdown making it a great setup for a follow-up pin. Last but not least the Barnacle Buster is a Turnbuckle that will feel like an entire ship has crashed down on you.

His Crowd Pleaser, Large, Polyped and Stony, allows Reefback to deal an additional copper in Damage, making him a lethal contender who can knock out wrestlers with every swing. A warning for any opponents who lay into Reefback, he is a Conserved site and the environmentalists are watching.

Diodon kostet 15£



Diodon might be small (usually), but he’s actually a ravenous eater. He holds the top spot in all the local eateries challenge walls, but is currently barred from the Bilge Pump. He won’t elaborate on why, but the seafood decor going missing is a bit suspicious.

Don’t let the small build fool you. Diodon has got a secret that will blow up the wrestling scene. Posing low ATT and DEF but decent GRP and DEX show Diodon to be a fast grappler who will strike first, not to mention being able to deal a crippling blow with his 5 Damage Diving Spear Turnbuckle Attack. But the real fun occurs when Diodon Puffs out and becomes the mighty Calamatous.

This version of Diodon is sporting 2 Gold in ATT and a more solid defence, in this mode Diodon has given up technique for sheer brute force. In this form, Diodon is a brawler’s nightmare due to his Spikey Defence and all his attacks deal Bleeding thanks to those Riot Spikes.

Außerdem gab es auf Facebook bereits einen Teaser für die nächsten Figuren

TTCombatRumbleslamTeaser (1) TTCombatRumbleslamTeaser (2)

„I can’t jump that far! You’ll have to toss me amigo!“
Did you know It’s tough tossing dwarves into a wrestling ring but thankfully tossing a dwarves skeleton is much easier! Parejas Increibles are heading to RUMBLESLAM soon…
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