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Warmachine: Gharlghast

Privateer Press veröffentlichen für Orgoth eine neue Monströsität.

Der Gharlghast kostet 148,99$

PrivateerPressWarmachineGharlghast1 PrivateerPressWarmachineGharlghast2 PrivateerPressWarmachineGharlghast3 PrivateerPressWarmachineGharlghast4 PrivateerPressWarmachineGharlghast5

This item is a Preorder and will begin shipping by April 12, 2024. Any items ordered with this item will be held to send in the same shipment.

Get a FREE Hobby Magnet Pack ($12.99 value) when you preorder by April 12, 2024.

Primal horrors beyond compare, the towering Gharlghasts dominate their harsh environs so utterly as to make even the Orgoth fear the places where they tread. When disturbed, these terrifying monstrosities lash out with such ferocity that they have even brought the whole of the Orgoth capital, Drak Orgoroth, to its knees. Now bound for the first time to the will of the blood-soaked Sea Raider warlords through the application of cruel mechanikal augmentation supplanting the Gharlghasts’ native nervous systems, these hulking brutes are poised to be unleashed upon the armies and habitations of western Immoren. Catastrophically powerful combatants in the wild, those enslaved by the Orgoth are also armed with all manner of lethal and destructive blaze-fueled weaponry grafted directly into their flesh and bone. Woe unto those who must face these ravening horrors on the battlefield, for their raw power is matched only by unrivaled chaos of their savage nature.


Customizing the Gharlghast requires magnets. The rocket pods on the Gharlghast’s back have also been set for magnets to make transport easier. To fully magnetize the customizable parts and rocket pods, you will need:

9x 3/16″ disc magnets
16x 1/8″ disc magnets

Quelle: Privateer Press


Redakteur von Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2001 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Armalion. Aktuelle Systeme: Freebooter's Fate(Alle Fraktionen), Bushido(Ito, Ryu, Ro-Kan),Moonstone, Summoners (Feuer, Luft), Deadzone, ASoIaF(Nachtwache, Targaryen), Dropfleet Commander(UCM, Scourge), Warmaster(Zwerge, Echsen), Eden(ISC, Resistance), KoW: Armada(Basilean, Ork) u.v.m

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