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Horus Heresy: Klein Horus Aximand

Mit Klein Horus Aximand betritt ein weiterer namhafter Space Marine Legionär aus den Reihen der Sons of Horus die Schlachtfelder der fernen Zukunft.

Heresy Thursday – ‘Little’ Horus Aximand

Horus Aximand, affectionately nicknamed ‘Little Horus’ by his peers, was once one of four members of the elite Mournival – the personal advisors and companions of Warmaster Horus, chosen from amongst his Legion. The Heresy sundered the Mournival – Tarik Torgaddon and (supposedly) Garviel Loken were slain on Isstvan III, as stalwart Loyalists who could no longer be trusted, while Aximand and Ezekyle Abaddon were set upon very different trajectories.

But for this Captain of the 5th Company, a miniature befitting his status has been a long time coming.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – ‘Little’ Horus Aximand 1

Despite his epithet, Little Horus is far from small – a consummate leader who looks after his troops, one who fell uneasily into treachery. He just happens to look an awful lot like his gene-sire, though he needed to have his handsome face regrafted after an attack by Hibou Khan of the White Scars nearly brought him down at Dwell.

He is armed with his personal power sword Mourn-it-all and a banestrike bolter, as well as a Castigatus combat shield capable of detonating its defensive energies into a pulse of aggressive force. What’s more, you can build him with or without his helmet.

His personal Little Horus Warlord Trait reflects his unwillingness to die despite the many grievous wounds he sustained over the Horus Heresy.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – ‘Little’ Horus Aximand 2

Meanwhile his Haunted special rule adds a little spice to any climactic confrontation with a certain Garviel Loken…

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – ‘Little’ Horus Aximand 3

The full rules for using Horus Aximand are available in the upcoming Campaigns of the Age of Darkness – The Battle for Beta-Garmon supplement. He is cast in Forge World resin, and will be available soon.

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