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Guild Ball: Update #6 und #7 von Steamforged Games

Steamforged Games veröffentlichen weitere Updates zu Guild Ball.

Guildball 1

Prize Support & General Order Update | Guild Ball Update 6

Welcome back, sports fans! Jamie Perkins here with your latest update.

Guild Ball Orders

After last week’s post in the Discord, Facebook group, and on the Guild Ball Facebook page, I’m happy to confirm Guild Ball orders are still up-to-date. (15 working days + time for shipping is the current standard; 40 days for bulk orders over $200.) As for replacements, we sent a batch of tracking codes yesterday with more to follow next week.

This means if you’re waiting for an order that’s over the above timelines, it’s highly likely it’s on the way to you. You can request an update from our support team here.

Organised Play Support

As promised, more details on organised play support!

Are you organising your own Guild Ball event now or in the future? Then the rest of today’s update is mostly for you! (And for players who’d like a sneak peek at what prizes could be in store…)

Event Organiser? Get Your Event Registered!

From today, you can register your event with us to request prize support.

Simply fill in this short form telling us about your event to get your event registered.

Once you’ve submitted your event and it’s been verified, you’ll get access to two tiers of support. This will start from next week, but you can get ahead of the game by submitting your event now.

Tier 1: Trophy STLs

Guildball 1(1)

All verified event organisers will get access to exclusive Guild Ball trophies to 3D print at home. These STLs will be free to download.

We’ve intentionally left room on the front of the trophy mount for you to add your own plaque, and determine which rank gets which trophy.

Tier 2: Limited Edition Miniatures & Prize Support Discount

Tier 2, covered by a $20 fee payable by the event organiser, grants not one, not two, but THREE codes for surprise, limited edition miniatures!

One for the organiser to keep (thank you for running a Guild Ball event and supporting the community!) and two to give out as prizes at their event.

It’s entirely up to you what you award these prize codes for. You could give them to 1st and 2nd, but we’d also encourage you to consider best painted miniature or team, most sporting player, and even random spot prizes.

The winner of each prize code only needs to pay the shipping cost of the miniature they’ve won; the miniature itself is free!

Which limited edition minis could be won? Each code grants its winner a random miniature from these five, each with a different rarity level:

Guildball 2(1) Guildball 3(1) Guildball 4(1) Guildball 5 Guildball 6
Limited Edition Kraken | Fishermen’s Guild | Common
Limited Edition Boiler | Butcher’s Guild | Common
Limited Edition Blackheart | The Union | Rare
Limited Edition Obulus | Mortician’s Guild | Rare
Limited Edition Pride | The Order | Super Rare

After a while, we’re planning to switch these minis for a different, limited edition set. Who knows? There could even be some brand new alt hiding in there…

Last but not least, Tier 2 event organisers will also get a one-time 25% discount code that can be used for anything in the Guild Ball range (up to a maximum spend of $199). With it, organisers can get access to other minis and prize support for their event.

Minor Guild Crossover Minis

Before we go, a quick update on Minor Guild crossover minis.

Although orders are now in a good place, we’re still holding off on these for now to make sure everything is working as it should be. Make sure you’re in the Discord or following the Guild Ball Facebook page to get the latest update.

That’s all we have for you today, sport fans. Until next time!


Prize Support Update | Guild Ball Update 7

Welcome back, sports fans! Jamie Perkins here with your latest update.

Guild Ball Orders

Happy to say Guild Ball orders are still up-to-date! (15 working days + time for shipping is still the current standard; 40 days for bulk orders over $200.) For any replacements, we’re sending tracking codes as we get them from our printing partners.

If you’re waiting for an order that’s over the above timelines, it’s highly likely it’s on the way to you. You can request an update from our support team here.

Prize Support for Organised Play

The prize support system is now up and running!

This is a new system, so if you encounter any hiccups, please let us know in the Guild Ball channel on the SFG Discord.

Here’s how it will work:

Register your event here
Once your event has been manually verified, you’ll get a confirmation email granting access to two tiers of prize support — the free trophy STL’s, and the paid limited edition mini code pack that comes with a 25% discount. For a reminder on what’s in those tiers, check out the last update.
Further details will be given from there.
Because event verification is manual, it won’t be immediate, so make sure you apply in plenty of time.

It’s also a good idea to subscribe to our mailing list, to make sure you get the emails (you can always unsubscribe later).

Redeeming Limited Edition Mini Codes

If you order the limited edition mini code pack, you’ll get an email containing the codes, which will also include a link to the page where codes can be redeemed.

These codes need to be manually verified by our team, and we’ll start verifying codes later this week.

So, if you have any winners in the next couple of days — or if you want to redeem your “thank you, TO!” mini code — you can submit your code from today ready to be verified later this week.

As I said above, this is a new system, so please do let us know in the Discord if you come across any bugs.

If you’re a player, be sure to check out one of the many upcoming Guild Ball events on Longshanks.

Last but not least, the update on the Minor Guild crossover minis is the same as last week: we’re holding off for now and will share more news when we have it.

Until next time, sports fans!


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    • Dann musst Du wohl ein Turnier ausrichten, und als Organisator noch eine mehr drucken 😉
      Da man die STLs auch speichern und kopieren kann, denke ich, dass die bald eh irgendwo im Netz die Runde machen.
      Oder du kemnst jemand, der ein Turnier ausrichtet und noch einen guten Maler für seine Pokale sucht. Dann kannst Du Dich da noch und nöcher verewigen 😉

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