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Guild Ball: Update #8 – Würfel & Spielplan Deck

Steamforged Games veröffentlichen ein weiteres Update zu Guild Ball.

Guildball 1

Dice & Game Plan Deck | Guild Ball Update 8


Welcome back, sports fans! Jamie Perkins here with your latest update.

Official Guild Ball Dice

If you’re a dice goblin like me, you’ll be happy to hear this one. Official Guild Ball dice are now available from Baron of Dice!

Guildball 1(2) Guildball 5(1) Guildball 4(2) Guildball 3(2) Guildball 2(2)

Alchemists Guild Dice
Hunters Guild Dice
The Order Dice
Falconers Guild Dice

You can shop the above dice and more on the Baron of Dice website. Genuinely considering switching Guilds based on some of these designs. Those Hunters dice are extremely nice.

(I’m kidding. Mostly.)

In Development: New Game Plan Deck

We’re still working with the Guild Ball Community Project (GBCP) behind-the-scenes on the development of future content for Guild Ball.

On that note, we’re happy to announce we’ll be working together on the development of a brand new Game Plan deck for 2025.

Guildball 6(1)

Example of a current Game Plan card

For those who’ve recently returned to the game, Game Plan cards help determine the Initiative for each turn of the game after the first.

At the start of a new round, both players choose a Game Plan card from their hand to reveal. These cards feature an Initiative bonus that’s added to any Momentum Points you have left over from the previous round. The player with the highest total Initiative can then choose whether to go first or second.

Game Plan cards sometimes grant bonus influence, as well as a special rule that takes effect for that turn. Choosing when to play each of your Game Plan cards can have a huge impact on, well, your game plan!

Based on our current timeline, we’ll be revealing the Game Plan deck in early 2025.

Guild Ball Orders

Guild Ball orders are still up-to-date based on current delivery timelines (15 working days + time for shipping is still the current standard; 40 days for bulk orders over $200). If you’re waiting on a replacement and need an update, please reach out to our customer support team.

Tournament Organisers

Tournament organiser looking for prize support? Fill in this form!

That’s all we have for you today, sports fans. If you aren’t already, make sure to join the Steamforged Discord or GBCP Discord to hang out with us and other Guild Ball players.

Until next time!


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