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Bushido: Neuheit

GCT Studios spendieren dem Shattenwindclan einen neuen Ninja.

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After becoming Shadow Crows, no worms have dared attack either of the twins to gain their advancement. The two brothers have become increasingly independent, and while they have never outright disobeyed a senior in the Shadow Wind clan, their behaviour comes close to insubordination. Only Ghost can force them to submit when they need to improve their behaviour. While they have no souls to feel Fear, Ghost’s effect on them assures loyalty to the shadows.
While adding more options to the array of abilities of his Brother, Phantom, Spectre also brings a unique ability that KKZ players will find great uses for. When Phantom succeeds in a melee attack, you can also have Spectre deal some damage without having to roll a melee exchange! You can have them attack the same model for additional damage or spread them out simultaneously to deal damage in multiple places. You can also bypass the melee defences of complicated models, such as Tanaka Kazuo or Master Akari.


Redakteur von Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2001 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Armalion. Aktuelle Systeme: Freebooter's Fate(Alle Fraktionen), Bushido(Ito, Ryu, Ro-Kan),Moonstone, Summoners (Feuer, Luft), Deadzone, ASoIaF(Nachtwache, Targaryen), Dropfleet Commander(UCM, Scourge), Warmaster(Zwerge, Echsen), Eden(ISC, Resistance), KoW: Armada(Basilean, Ork) u.v.m

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