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Wargames Digital: Death Fields Runner Hunters

Wargames Atlantic haben in ihre Death Fields Sortiment Replikantenjäger aufgenommen.

Das STL-Set kostet 15,20€:

WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter15 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter1 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter3 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter2 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter4 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter5 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter6 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter9 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter14 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter8 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter11 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter7 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter12 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter10 WargamesAtlanticDigitalDeathFieldsRunnerHunter13

Anything can happen on the Death Fields Circuit and players can be incredibly erratic. Some owners solve this problem by selling their broken or unruly players to a Cannon Fodder team. Others clamp down harder. And sometimes a player thinks they have no choice but to run. Even though running is hopeless.

Even if they are able to break free of their stable or settlement and get past Arena and team security, they are by no means free and clear. Because that’s when the owners call in the Runner Hunters.

These professional bounty hunters are relentless in their pursuit of Runners. Hailing from species and worlds all over the civilized galaxy (and sometimes from the less civilized parts – humans are some of the best Runner Hunters!) – these Hunters know how to track their prey.

This four figure set includes two male and two female bodies along with a selection of arms and heads to create quite a lot of variety. Great for a variety of sci-fi scenarios!

Quelle: Wargames Atlantic


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  • Bin nur ich das oder sieht grad das Modell mit dem Harrison Ford Kopf nach nem Hobbit aus so von den Proportionen her?
    Die Beine müssten nen Tick länger sein.

    • ich dachte exakt das gleiche. aber es sind ja stls.
      keine ahnung von 3d-druck, aber ich vermute, dass man das relativ leicht anpassen kann.

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