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Victrix: Neue Previews

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook neue Render bald erscheinender Neuheiten in 12mm.

Victrix 12mmgerman Prev01 Victrix 12mmgerman Prev02 Victrix 12mmgerman Prev03 Victrix 12mmgerman Prev04 Victrix 12mmgerman Prev05 Victrix 12mmgerman Prev06

12mm German anti-tank: Sdkfz 7 + 88mm
Here we have the renders of the SDKFZ 7 and 88mm Flak-18.
We have modelled both of these with 2 alternate crews. Afrika Corps wearing desert uniform and standard German uniform giving you a dizzyingly large amount of crew figures. You can also use these on other vehicles and antitank guns in the Victrix WW2 range.
The 88mm gun can be modelled ground mounted or on wheels and the gun barrel can pivot up and down to show it in an antitank or antiaircraft role. The gun can also swivel on its stand.
The high velocity German 88mm gun was an awesome weapon and was held in great respect and fear by the allied armies during WW2. It was easily capable of knocking out most Allied tanks over a mile away. It was there from the beginning of the war but initially just as an antiaircraft weapon but was soon realised to be a powerful antitank gun.
The Sdkfz 7 Halftrack went into production in 1933 and was used in every theatre through out the war. It was the vehicle of choice for towing the 88mm gun and could carry up to 18 men and pull very heavy loads.
The Sdkfz renders also show the various stowage options available for the kit plus the canvas top option. The renders are only showing Afrika Corps German crew but there are German crew in standard uniform as well.
This is in the tool room and not too far off, so keep your eyes peeled for the annoucement!

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