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Crooked Dice: 7TV Neuheiten

Es gibt neue Modelle von Crooked Dice.

Den Anfang machen bemalte U-Boote, die jetzt Teil der Manta Ray Preorders sind:

CD 7TV Piranha Craft And MR5 1 CD 7TV Piranha Craft And MR5 2 CD 7TV Piranha Craft And MR5 3 CD 7TV Piranha Craft And MR5 4

Die U-Boote sind Teil des folgenden großen Deals:

CD 7TV Piranha Craft And MR5 5

Big Splash Deal – £155.00


In this new Feature Pack for the 7TV CORE RULEBOOK, you can enjoy aquatic action and espionage in the best traditions of teatime adventure shows! You will play a cast of the brave protectors of the sea, M.A.N.T.A or the devious Nautican Empire led by the diabolical Emperor Poseidus. Each cast can play through three episodes fighting to protect the Earth’s oceans or dominate the surface!

You will receive:

  • The MANTA Ray 5 Feature Pack (RRP £20)
  • 25 white Metal miniatures: MANTA Command (3), Guards(3), Marines(3), Barracudas (4), Coralina and Emperor Poseidus (2), Two Packs of Nautican Warriors (8), Great White Sharks (2) (RRP £91)
  • Resin Casts of the MANTA Ray 5 and Piranha Craft (RRP £50)
  • FREE STLs of the MANTA Ray 5 and Piranha Craft (RRP £22)
  • FREE Double-sided A3 Poster

Und dann ist da noch dieser Affe:

CD 7TV Banana Tyrant 1 CD 7TV Banana Tyrant 2

Banana Tyrant – £10.00

This infamous criminal lunatic and part-time intergalactic dictator is said to contain the minds of a thousand geniuses! It is 50 per cent monster, 50 per cent monkey, 50 per cent alien – but 200 per cent pure evil!

Sculpted by Ken Adams. Painted for display by Simon Bradley. Sold unpainted. This expertly cast, multi-part resin model is 80mm high to raised fist, and 65mm to top of the head (excluding antenna). It is supplied with a 50mm base.

Außerdem gab es noch mehr Frösche:

CD Toad King 1 CD Boss Toad 1 CD Giant Toads CD Killer Frogs CD Frogs

  • Toad King – £8.00
  • Boss Toad – £6.00
  • Giant Toads – £7.00
  • Killer Frogs – £3.00

Quelle: Crooked Dice


Chefredakteur und Betreiber von Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2002 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Warhammer Fantasy (Dunkelelfen). Aktuelle Projekte: Primaris Space Marines, Summoners (alle Fraktionen), Deathmatch, Deadzone/Warpath (Asterianer und Enforcer), diverse Raumschiffe und allerlei Mechs.

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  • „Banana Tyrant … is 50 per cent monster, 50 per cent monkey, 50 per cent alien – but 200 per cent pure evil!“

    Das und die Mini sind so herrlich trashig, dafür muss man das Modell einfach kaufen 😀

  • Auch wenn ich den Namen Manta Ray eher mit einem RC-Car verbinde, das U-Boot sieht einfach nur klasse aus.

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