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Medbury Miniatures: August Patreon

Auch diesen Monat gibt es sowohl historische als auch Fantasy Miniaturen bei Medbury Miniatures.

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August Historical Release!

Here is the August Preview for Historicals! These Sculpts will be Available in the next few days on Patreon/Tribes, and In metal on Our Kickstarter

We finally cover Light Troops for the Vendel Era range this month, with archers and Skirmishers. These are all done in the Same visual Style to match the armored troops with the same buckles and cloaks but will fit in any Dark Age army

The first 2 Kits are Both 2 sets of 3 Archers. 3 Are shooting their bows while the other 3 are either drawing the bow, pulling the Arrow, or cautiously finding a Safer spot to shoot from

The 3rd and 4th Kits are Both Skirmishers with Javelins, these have optional Shields. Both Hands on Each model are empty so you can hold a spear in both hands, hidden behind the Shields you can also put a 2nd Spear to run alongside the 1st tho it will need to break in the Hand.

That’s it for this Month these models are pretty straight to the point, Down the Line id like to do Some armored Archers so let me know if that’s something youd be after, for the remainder of the year, i have Casualties, more warriors at rest, a plethora of additional Characters, kneeling warriors all fully Sculpted and ready to go done in Adv for the Kickstarter, if there’s anything not mentioned your after before we move on to goths/franks, drop a comment!

Tomorrow Morning the Fantasy Post will drop with more torgorod Models!

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August Fantasy Release!

The Fantasy Release for August is ready for Preview! The models will be on patreon/Tribes by the end of the Week.

This month we bounce Back to Torogod, Our Fictional Medieval Slavic Faction, and its Genuis Naming convention changing a single Letter from the very Real ‘Novgorod’…

So starting out with My favourite Models are the Druzhina, these like there Namesake are essentially the Keiven Rus Equivilent to Heathguard. In our Minds these will Pair well with some of the Eastern Varangian Dwarves

These 4 Models are all equipped with Decorative helmets, Spears modelled on, however removable Shields. The Shields are all attached via a strap slung over the models shoulder under the Cloak, so you can use whichever Alternate Shields you like. Mounted Versions will certainly be coming down the line

Next up is a little diorama, a Boyar in Plate armour with an Advisor, and a Milita Banner bearer whos design is brought back from the original milita sculpts, the Banner bearer has a Modular Head, and the table is also separate

The last 2 Kits are City Guard, they are Dressed in Warm fur lined coats over mail, aswell as the standard issue gorget, but drop the Shoulder armour and Vambraces. The Shields and heads are all removable, the heads are compatible with the existing heads, aswell as new options provided, the Shields are classic Medieval shields, changing both Heads and Shields can really redefine the look and purpose of these figures, they are prime for kitbashing.

Down the line i intend to do Mounted versions for these models. I like the idea of doing a few on horses at rest poses, and having them patrol the Streets of your RP game. Then using the dismounts to chase the Player characters down the ally ways.

Next month im going back to the Dwarves from July, a mainly covering Cav, but potentially Archers, and Blunderbusses. Drop any requests below!

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