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Blood Bowl: Rückkehr der Cheerleader und Schiedsrichter

Ein ganzer Schwung an aktuell nicht mehr verfügbaren Miniaturen für Blood Bowl kehrt Ende des Jahres als Auftragsfertigung zurück, mit Cheerleadern und Schiedsrichtern wird die Stimmung in den Stadien der Alten Welt angeheizt.

Refs and Cheerleaders Return to Blood Bowl

Bob: Gimme a T!

Jim: Practising your cheerleading, Bob?

Bob: No, Jim, just after a half-time drink.

Greetings, sports fans!

There are few indeed who do not find enjoyment in the spectacle of Nuffle’s sacred game, but many fans are just as fond of half-time shows and rallying routines carried out by their team’s cheerleaders as they are of violent gameplay. Even some referees attract bands of dedicated supporters – many have earned a reputation for their unquestionable devotion to Nuffle, while others are better known for their latest record-breaking bribe.

No Blood Bowl collection is complete without these unscrupulous umpires and supportive superstars of the sidelines, and thankfully, you will have a chance to add them to yours soon. The following kits will return to sale on a Made to Order basis for a short time next month:

Human Cheerleaders – The Reaverettes

Games Workshop Refs And Cheerleaders Return To Blood Bowl 1

If you love energising rallies and words spelled out one letter at a time, this is the cheer squad for you! Human cheerleaders have performed alongside Blood Bowl teams from Norsca to the Badlands ever since the inception of the sport.

Orc Cheerleaders – The Waaaghs!

Games Workshop Refs And Cheerleaders Return To Blood Bowl 2

Bellowing far louder than their Human and Elven counterparts, Orc cheerleaders have whipped many a crowd into such a frenzy that play has to be suspended until the spectators calm down!

Chaos Cheerleaders – The Damned Damsels

Games Workshop Refs And Cheerleaders Return To Blood Bowl 3

Enchanting crowds with dazzling acrobatic performances and mind-warping magic one minute, to fearsome displays of violence the next, the cheerleaders that accompany Chaos-worshipping teams are often as frightening and aggressive as the players they cheer for!

Dark Elf Cheerleaders – The Night Terrors

Games Workshop Refs And Cheerleaders Return To Blood Bowl 4

If there is one thing that will pump up a Dark Elf crowd, it’s ritualistic sacrifice. This fanatical cheer squad are as well-known for their knife-handling skills as they are for their pom-poms waving!

Halfling & Goblin Referees

Games Workshop Refs And Cheerleaders Return To Blood Bowl 5

Being short in stature can be a handy trait for a referee – for one thing, it makes it far easier to slip away from an angry mob of fans and players after a questionable call! These guys were previously exclusively available at Warhammer World and events.

Mutated Minotaur

Games Workshop Refs And Cheerleaders Return To Blood Bowl 6

It’s not just sideline staff making a comeback, as this hulking behemoth – previously exclusive to Warhammer World and events – hits the gridiron. With its monstrous crushing claws, this bovine brute can shred through even the toughest of armour, saving that Mighty Blow (+1) to bring the pain on the Injury roll.

These miniatures are only available during the Made to Order window, which runs from 10am GMT on Saturday the 23rd of December until 8am GMT on Tuesday the 2nd of January. Note that the Elven cheerleaders (the Eaglettes) aren’t returning in this period, but they may reappear in the future. Watch this space!

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