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Monsterpocalypse: Previews für September

Privateer Press haben neue Previews für MonPoc vorgestellt.

PiP September 2022 Releases Monsterpocalypse 1

Tectomoc – Elemental Champions Monster (resin)

MSRP: $31.99
High in the Akaishi Mountains of Japan dwells the Tenshi Seigikan, an ancient order of monks dedicated to the preservation of all that is good in the human race. There, Tengu Tsubute was a child prodigy. Even as an infant, he could control the elements of earth around him, but the monastery nearly collapsed into a pile of rubble oncewhen he became angry. Because of this, the monks taught him to master his emotions as best he could. But one fateful day, the Tenshi Seigikan were set upon by the Savage Swarm. Tengu’s master Namazu was slain by the monstrous Mucustos, and in that moment, Tengu Tsubute learned his emotions could be a powerful weapon. After unleashinga devastating earthquake on the swarm, Tengu—now called Tectomoc—sought revenge in the eradication of the swarm anywhere he could find them.

TRADE POINTS: Tectomoc is a monster with a focus on power attacks and unit clearing that can join any Protectors force. This monster unleashes the Wrath of an Earthquake every time he makes a Seismic Step. Earth Kami Spring up around him as a Spawning Locus. In hyper, Tectomoc can crush his enemies with a Quake step, and his power attacks can cause a massive amount of Collateral Damage.

PiP September 2022 Releases Monsterpocalypse 2

Mucustos – Savage Swarm Monster (metal/resin)

MSRP: $34.99
Mucustos is an ancient and mercurial parasite. Savage as they may be, most of the Swarm are mindless insects simply chasing food. But when Mucustos is present, the Swarm takes a much more organized and tactical approach to combat. This titanic Coleoptera brings the swarm to bear as his weapon while seeking out the massive amount of energy it takes to sustain his brood. It was high in the Akaishi Mountains that Mucustos found he also has a taste for things magical in nature. With his power to reach new heights, Mucustos is ready to cover the planet with the Savage Swarm and drown it in blood.

TRADE POINTS: Mucustos is a monster with a focus efficiency and units that can join any Destroyers force. In alpha, Mucustos Blitz’s his insects into combat. When he is present,enemies should expect a full-scale Infestation to cover the battlefield. In hyper, this monster becomes a real Parasite, draining enemy power and Crunching on their will to fight. Wherever Mucustos goes, the Savage Swarm becomes a Stampede, ready to devour everything its path.

PiP September 2022 Releases Monsterpocalypse 3

Earth Kami and Water Avatar – Elemental Champions Units (resin)

MSRP: $21.99
With Tectomoc joining the fight, the Elemental Champions have new reinforcements to count on. Earth Kami are the hearty companions of Tectomoc, ready to obstruct anything looking to harm their charge. Water Avatar are the first signs of the oncoming tsunami that follows an earthquake.

TRADE POINTS: The Earth Kami and Water Avatar are units focused on Defense and Tempo Control that can join any Protectors force. Thick Skinned Earth Kamis are a Shield Wall of Defense against oncoming attacks. The Amphibious Water Avatar is sure to cause a Splash with the Ripple effect on its attacks.

PiP September 2022 Releases Monsterpocalypse 4

Vice Pinchers and Steelback Roaches– Savage Swarm Units (metal)

MSRP: $23.99
Vice Pinchers and Steelback Roaches make up the Vanguard of the Savage Swarm, digging into the right positions and striking the enemy where it hurts the most. The Vice Pinchers are skirmish fighters, killing prey and then quickly moving into position for the next. The Steelback Roaches are the gruesome brood mothers of the Savage Swarm, infesting every corner of the map with insects.

TRADE POINTS: Vice Pinchers and Steelback Roach are units focused on Attacking and Board Control that can join any Destroyers force. The Vice Pinchers are aptly named for their Barbed nature; they Follow Through with their brawl attack by spitting acid at those enemies they have in their vice grip. The Steelback Roach is a Beachhead for the Savage Swarm, Proliferating insects across the battlefield wherever they go.

Quelle: Privateer Press


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  • Ich hoffe das zumindest später alle neuen Modelle auch über Mythic Games kommen.

    Material & Preis sind bei Mythic einfach mehr mein ding & Savage Swarm hätte ich schon echt gerne <3

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