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Monsterpocalypse: Previews für April

Privateer Press haben ihre MonPoc-Neuheiten für April vorgestellt.

PiP MonPoc Februar 2022 1

Flowering Sprayer &Whomping Nettle – Vegetyrant Unit (metal/resin) – $21.99

Floruina is the mother of Vegetyrant life, and her children, the flowering sprayers, were made in her image. Using gas built up in its bulbs, the flowering sprayer can launch seeds as high-speed bullet-like projectiles that can even riddle tank armor with holes. Its discharged seeds sprout into new Vegetyrant life, ready to fight. The largest and oldest flowering sprayers gain a bioluminescent glow that can illuminate even the deepest darkness. The whomping nettle, also known by its ancient name “the blood vine,” is not a bush to be messed with. As a front-line combatant of the Vegetyrant forces, this mass of vines and thorns waits motionless and seemingly peacefully for its prey to approach. Once it has an enemy in range, it slams its heft against them and pulverizies its prey to pulp.

TRADE POINTS: The Flowing Sprayer is unit with a focus on Long Range attacks that can join any Protectors force. This Flower can shoot its seeds into enemy territory, Proliferating Vegetyrants behind enemy lines. Their Bioluminescent Elites can act as Spotters to other allies nearby. The Whomping Nettle is a unit with a focus on sneak attacks that can join any Protectors force. These blood-hungry vines are Ambush Predators that can Fling enemies into backline troops, making them a mighty fist of the Vegetyrant army.

PiP MonPoc Februar 2022 2

Hexchantresses & Void Maulers – Necroscourge Unit (metal) – $21.99

Void maulers are repurposed Triton crustaceans first assimilated to the Swarm Hive in the battle to enslave Karkinos. Their hollow carapace is filled with spare nanites that can shield and reinforce the swarms around them. Since amalgamation, they have become larger extensions of the nanites themselves, passing through the Nexus freely to infest the interstellar tides. The hexchantress is a lieutenants of the Necroscourge. Gigantic and mortifying to behold, these witches pass through the Necroscourge Nexus directly from the Swarm Hive. They use their dark energy to spurn on allies, and they possess a near magical ability to sense their prey no matter where they may be concealed.

The Hexchantress is a unit with a focus on support and ranged damage that can join any Destroyers force. The Hexchantress can use her Heightened Senses to see through an enemy’s defense. Her Blitz ability helps deliver her allies to the heart of the opponent’s forces. By comparison, the Void Mauler is a unit with a focus on Defense as well as Offense that can join also any Destroyers force. The Void Maulers are Symbionts with the Nanites that fill their bodies. They will Hunker down against enemy attacks, then retaliate with a massive Cleave from their gigantic claws.

PiP MonPoc Februar 2022 3

World Tree – Building (resin) – $21.99

The World Tree is not so much a tree as it is a global living organism. A prominent member of the Vegetyrant family, the World Tree can appear anywhere at any time. Instantly blooming into the skyline, this seemingly ancient tree can grow to the size of a skyscraper. The World Tree acts as a planetary defense system, springing up for enemies to be smashed against. Thought to be extinct, these Titanis Dendro now can be spotted blossoming across the world as the Vegetyrants rise once more to their former glory.

TRADE POINTS: The World Tree is a new building that can be added to any Monsterpocalypse force. It acts as base for the Vegetyrants, offering a discount on Vegetyrant units when secured. This mighty tree’s wood is so rich and verdant that it’s incombustible even under the greatest temperatures. Once it takes root, its Propagation is nearly impossible to stop.

PiP MonPoc Februar 2022 4

Necroscourge Nexus – Building (metal/resin) – $19.99

To understand a Necroscourge Nexus, you must first understand the Necroscourge nanites. Creating a nexus is a slow, resource-intensive process. The nanites operate like ants building vast interstellar energy networks. The Necroscourge nanites bore wormholes in space, allowing energy to flow freely from their home world across their vaster interstellar network. It coalesces into a Nexus, allowing its controllers to harvest the dark energies of the Swarm Hive.

TRADE POINTS: The Necroscourge Nexus is a new building that can be added to any Monsterpocalypse force. It acts as base for the Necroscourge, offering a discount on Necroscourge units when secured. The Nexus allows any mind to connect to the Swam Hive. filling its hosts with the Fury of a dying star. Enemy monsters Wither and die when colliding with its malefic energy.

Quelle: Privateer Press


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  • Warte erst mal auf meinen Kickstarter.

    Hoffe aber das Mytic irgendwann die Möglichkeit gibt den ganzen neuen kram im pledgemanager dazu zu packen.

  • Als Biollante-Fan find ich die Vegetyrants natürlich cool, muss aber auch sagen dass man nur so viele Einheiten in dem Look machen kann. Generell bin ich immer wieder ein bisschen erstaunt wie repetetiv PP bei den Designs ist. Können bei dem Setting machen was sie wollen, aber trotzdem gibt es viele Einheiten und Monster die visuell nur schwer voneinander zu unterscheiden sind.

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