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Warmachine: Neuheiten

Privateer Press zeigen ihre Neuheiten für Warmachine.

PP House Ellowuyr Warden Executioner

House Ellowuyr Warden Executioner – Retribution solo – 19,99 USD

Among the initiates of the Wardens, there are those who excel in their training far beyond that of their peers. These individuals are capable of truly incomprehensible feats of martial strength, such as wielding a pair of the Wardens’ signature heavy voulges with the same grace as their brethren muster with a single blade. These individuals are
rare and gifted and are quickly perceived by their trainers.

These select few undergo a far more extreme regiment of training than the standard Warden, learning to master the art of warfare in ways few can imagine. To complete special training, the initiate must learn to fight within a specially modified suit of Warden armor, one that features a pair of shoulder-mounted Vortex Cannons, the very same weapons used by the warjacks of House Vyre. The energy required to power this armor and the force of the cannons firing make simply wearing the armor a lethal prospect. Those who survive the ordeal are awarded the rank of Warden Executioner, earning them a lifetime of fear, awe, and respect from their kin.

House Ellowuyr Warden Executioners are self sufficient combat solos that are deadly at ranged as well as in melee, and they can make both types of attacks in the same turn thanks to their Dual Attack special rule. A single Warden Executioner can wipe out multiple enemy infantry during each activation, making it a threat that must be dealt with quickly. Thanks to their Side-Step ability and the ability to grant this to other Warden units, Warden Executioners pair incredibly well with House Ellowuyr Wardens (PIP 35096).

House Ellowuyr Wardens – Retribution unit – 49,99 USD

The Wardens of House Ellowuyr are the elite shock troops of a house renowned for its martial prowess. Initiate Wardens are handpicked at a young age, spending the entirety of their adolescent years training to wield the arms and armor of the Warden discipline. Not only must every initiate master the heavy voulge, but they must also fight with the same elegance and fluidity as their swordsmen brethren while encased in massive suits of augmented armor. The enemies of the Retribution stare, slack jawed, as the Wardens carve paths through their ranks, protected by suits of armor that simply should not be able to move that fast or kill with such ease.

House Ellowuyr Wardens are an elite medium-based infantry unit capable of cleaving through multiple infantry models with a single combat action or damaging harder targets such as warjacks and warbeasts. With their ability to ignore enemy free strikes, they are a difficult unit to pin down, allowing them to move farther and farther into enemy ranks while their sturdy armor protects them. They pair very well with warcasters that further amplify their melee strengths, such as Thyron, Sword of Truth (PIP 35064) or Falcir, The Merciless (PIP 35093).

Quelle: Privateer Press

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  • Viele Miniaturen von PP finde ich bis heute sehr schön. Die letzten Releases reissen mich nicht vom Hocker. Was der Solo in der Hand hat sieht aus wie die Tabletop Bewaffnung von FisherPrice Spielzeug.

  • PP bekommt es bis heute nicht hin Boxen ohne redundante Posen rauszubringen. Das sieht bei einem Skirmisher einfach Sch… aus und ist auch absolut nicht mehr zeitgemäß.

    • …und WM/HO is n Skirmisher?!
      Ich stehe zwar auch nicht (mehr) zu 100% hinter PiP, aber solche Aussagen sind einfach hart amüsant.
      Wenn man keine Ahnung hat kann man auch ma die Tastatur und Fingerchen ruhen lassen.

      • „[…] hart amüsant. Wenn man keine Ahnung hat kann man auch ma die Tastatur und Fingerchen ruhen lassen.“
        Warum denn gleich so hochnäsig? Gilt das Geschriebene denn auch für dich?

        Natürlich ist Warmachine/Hordes ein Skirmisher (wird sogar bei Wikipedia als Beispiel für „Skirmish-Tabletop“ aufgeführt). Manch einer nennt diese Art von Spiel auch „mass skirmish“.

    • Verstehe auch nicht warum man nicht austauschbare Köpfe und Arme anbietet. Signum machen das zum Beispiel sehr gut, 1 Körper, 3 linke Arme, 3 rechte Arme und sind dazu auch günstiger.

    • Jo is nimmer zeitgemäss. scheint allerdings wieder zum Trend zu werden, da GW ja auch immer mehr Monoposen, auch in Trupps rausbringt( macht auf mich zumindest den eindruck,wenn ich mir die Gussrahmen so ansehe wenn ich se ma in der hand hab.). Scheint wie die Sache mit Plateau-schuhe zu sein, kommt alle paar jahre zurück.

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