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Mythical Gargantuan Creatures: STL Kickstarter

Generic Miniatures sind mit einem Kickstarter für Monster zum selber drucken aktuell unterwegs.

Mythical Gargantuan Creatures ! STLs for Printing!

3D STL files for 3D Printing. Pre-supported. Depieced.


GENERIC MINIATURES is the division of Questron Studios, that provides only digital sculpts. As Questron Studios, we’ve worked for most of the major publishers in the tabletop and miniature business:

·  Modiphious (Acthung Cthulhu, Star Trek Adventures, among others)

·  Mantic (Warband, Mars Attack, The Walking Dead among others)

·  Sodapop Miniatures (Relic Knights, Super Dungeon Explorer. among others

·  IDW (TMNT, Batman TAS, among others)

·  Reaper (Almost all the Dragons from Bones V are our work! :D, among others)

This past year, we’ve decided to start out on our own as freelancers, with GENERIC MINIATURES, as our „only for digital“ studio…

The Project

After our great success with the „Flight of the Dragons“ kickstarter, we noted that there’s a lack of massive and gigantic models in the market.

Trying not to repeat ourselves, and let out a second wave of new dragons (saving these for the future), we decided to launch this kickstarter for another kind of massive and gigantic model.

We love old fantasy flicks, and, almost randomly, we found ourselves watching „Jason and the Argonauts“ a few weeks ago, and with it, the idea popped into our heads…

„What if we do really gigantic models of these monsters from the old fantasy and sword movies? I think there would be a lot of people eager to print giant monsters in their 3D printers“…

So, here we are, featuring this new project about Great Gargantuan Mythical Creatures… 🙂

The average size (in height) for these models is 100mm (3 times the size of a standard humanoid miniature), but some of them are even taller. We are going to release them designed as multi-part, plug-and-socket pieces, and also pre-supported, so, any 3D printer user will be able to print these creatures in any 3D printer, whatever its capacity is.



Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 1 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 2

This gigantic cannibal being is a dangerous foe for any adventurer who stumbles upon him during their quests. Armed with a gigantic club, he won’t hesitate to smash anybody crazy enough to challenge him in combat.

The Hydra

Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 3 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 4 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 32

Guardian of the Golden Fleece. This fearsome creature has five regenerative heads, making defeating it a near impossible task.

Scenographic Base Included.


Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 5 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 6 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 34

Talos is the guardian of a great treasure. Its size allows him to simply stomp enemies and see them die. His only weak point is its on his heel, so, anybody that knows this information, would be the only one being able to finish him.

This figure comes with an alternative head sculpt, based on the Talos character from the „Jason and the Argonauts“ movie.

Scenographic Base and Alternative Head included


Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 7 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 8 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 9


Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 10 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 11 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 31

This Ice Giant lives in the northeast region. He’s not made of flesh, his skin and body are hard, cold, blue ice. He would attack anyone who trespasses on his domains.

The Shadow

Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 12 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 13 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 30

The Shadow lurks down below the darkness, deep in the dwarf’s mine-castle. He’s been asleep for centuries after killing all the dwarfs in that realm, and now, he rises from the dark to finish anyone who dares to enter the old dwarf haven.

Scenographic Base Included


Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 14 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 15 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 33

Goddess of death. Kali is not an evil being, but it is not wise to incense her wrath.


Our partners at Kazrak Miniatures will take care of the depiecing and presupporting of the pieces, as they did in our last KickStarter, „Flight of the Dragons“… Plug and socket pieces with presupport, with an standard size that will fit in every 3D printer.

Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 24


Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 25 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 26 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 27 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 28 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 29

Stretch Goals:

Again, one of the most important parts of a crowdfunding is the Stretch Goals we can achieve during the kickstarter…

As always in our kickstarters, we have a range of Stretch Goals

Gargantuan Scale – 6000$

This crowdfunding is about great giant gargantuan mythical creatures,  that means that we’ve sculpted some of these models in a scale that goes out of bounds of most miniatures… That means that some of these creatures go really far above the standard Giant-Creature size in a basic 32mm scale wargame. So, if we reach $6,000, we will produce TWO designs for Talos and Jotun, the Mythical Scale (normal size, 3 times the 32mm humanoid mini) and the Gargantuan Scale (a realistic scale, that couldn’t be used in wargames, but will be for those who love miniatures or are a painting aficionado) The rest of the sculpts will be at Mythical Scale, except for The Kraken (see below)

Talos Gargantuan Scale

Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 16

Talos Gargantuan Scale comes with an alternative head, and this sea-base + Argonauts ship 🙂

Jotun Mythical Scale

Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 17 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 18 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 19 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 20

The Jotun comes with a chunk of Iceberg as shield (Instead of the Drakkar from the Gargantuan Scale)

The Kraken – 8.000$

The Kraken is a mythical creature who follows the commands of Poseidon. Once per year, this creature calls for a human sacrifice to the land lovers who live near the sea…

This model ONLY comes in Gargantuan Scale

Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 21 Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 22

The Kraken W.I.P

The Worm – 10.000$

Mythical Gargantuan Creatures 23

This evil creature hides underground, near the center of the earth and until it is too late for its prey to be aware of it, erupting abruptly to feed from those foolish enough to enter its territory…

Well, that’s all … Hoping that you guys found these renders interesting enough to back this project, please join this crowdfunding and help us make the release of all the models possible.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 10 Tage.

Quelle: Mythical Gargantuan Creatures


Seit 2010 im Hobby. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Harad, Khand und Ostlinge), Saga Ära der Magie (Die Untoten Legionen), WarmaHordes (Crucible Guard, Söldner und Circle), Summoners (Erde), Konflikt 47 (Briten)

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  • Noch so ein „mee to“ – Produkt.

    Ich hab schon aufgehört zu zählen wie oft jemand irgendwelche Mystischen Kreaturen zum Drucken anbietet.
    Ab und an sind ja welche dabei die durchaus eine interessante Neuinterpretation oder einfach nur auf ihre Art coole Umsetzung sind.
    Hydren hab ich glaube ich 8 oder 9 verschiedene von den ich 6 gedruckt hab und ja man kann mich mit einer guten neuen immer noch dazu bringen die CC zu zücken.

    Aber dafür müssen sie entweder richtig gut gemacht sein, oder halt irgenwie neu oder wenigsten auf ihre Art interessant.

    Aber in diesem Fall trifft es meiner Meinung nach nicht zu. Was im übertragenen dann auch für alle Modelle aus diesem KS (zu mindest für mich) gilt.

    Ein Odysseus 31 – Style KS da wäre ich sofort interessiert gewesen….

    • Könnte es daran liegen, dass diese „Mee to“-Produkte auch regelmässig gekauft werden? Es soll ja Leute geben, die 8 oder 9 Hydren haben …

      • Stimmt schon, sind zwar meistens durch Patreons in meine Files of Shame gelangt, aber falsch ist es nicht was du sagst.

        An sich ist ja auch nichts verwerflich an einem „Mee to“-Produkt, manche sind ja sogar besser als ihre Original. Das von mir angesprochene Odysseus 31 wäre so was, ne olle Hydra aber in coolem Mecha Style…

        Hier sehe ich das aber nicht.

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