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MERCS: 2.5 Betaregeln erhältlich

Die Betaregeln und Profilkarten der neuen MERCS-Edition sind jetzt als Download erhältlich.

MERCS Cover Artwork

Hier sind die einzelnen Downloads:

Greetings MERCS!

Welcome to the launch of the 2.5 Living Rules. We’re excited to get it into the ‘wild’ and get the community moving again! Before you jump in, there’s a few things to be aware of, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we’re a small company and an even smaller team. 80% -100% of all the design, development, art direction, writing, planning, marketing, website, social media, and most of the other stuff you can think of falls to me. I have a very small team of close fiends…errr friends, who have been gracious and kind enough to support me through these endeavors. The core of the logistics and business side of things fall to my partner Kirk, but the creative is all on me. So please be patient as we get things into working order.
Now, here’s a list of what you all should know. I’ve put these in order of importance and what is top priority for completion.
  • Missions and Maps – Not all of the Missions have been fully tested, so please provide any constructive feedback you have when playing through them. The Maps are still being made, Thomas is hammering through my rough layouts as quickly as he can and the plan is to have them done by 4/26.
  • Counters – these are being updated to account for the changes in the rules and to the new look. Target completion date is 3/3.
  • Reference Cards – the current Reference Cards are just temporary. You all have seen the redesign and how they will look, but laying out 123 cards is very time consuming and will take a bit of time to complete. The current cards do not have the Keywords and Personal Abilities on the backs, so you will have to refer to the rules doc for this info for now. The models with Template weapons are also missing the visual for the Template, but the Template title is on the card. Target completion date is 4/7.
  • Contingency Cards – These are new, so the current version is the initial iteration, the look may change as we further evolve the graphic design, but they are easily readable and usable. These also didn’t get as much testing as I’d like, so please provide any constructive feedback as you get in games with them. Target completion date is TBD.
  • Corporate Trait/Movement Template Cards – These have been updated to reflect the new rules, but they still need to be updated to the new look. Target completion date is TBD.
  • The rules doc is boring to look at. It’s just words. Thomas and I are redesigning the look of the game, a 2.5 visual update will happen, but the core focus for a new rulebook is 3.0. But we hope to have this done by the end of May.
  • Campaign – I am writing the first of what should be many campaigns for the TTG, but it has not been my primary focus, so it’s still in the rough stages. It will help advance the storyline and give you all
Finally I need to thank Chris Halll, he’s been with me every step of the way with 3-5 meetings a week since February. My Rules Committee played a big part in helping dissect the initial needs as many of them were MERCS players previously. My graphic designer Thomas Kohler who literally has two day jobs, but still pours a hefty amount of time into this project. And of course our playtesters, those folks busted their tails to meet a crazy ass timeline.
I will humbly request that you all give them a hearty thank you.
You can find all the files here:
And once again….
Welcome to the Cause


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