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Limbo Division: Talon squad und Nora

Von Limbo Division kommt ein neues Dioramaset.

LD 75mm And 35mm Scale Talon Squad And Nora 8

Talon task force

The Talon task force is the final result of the ECC (Enhanced Combat Cyborg) Project: a special force made by cyborg soldiers. During the Eridu Kingdom period, advanced biochemical research led by count Bavorové ze Strakonic made significant progress with transferring a human brain into a cyberbrain: a biomechanical brain that can be directly connected to electronic devices. The results of this project were handed over to the Revolutionary Military Council after the revolution and reform of the Eridu Republic to continue to develop it to the practical stage. The project was then renamed the Enhanced Combat Cyborg project (ECC). Although Count Bavorové contributed a lot to the project, he was secretly executed after the project was successful due to political reasons. Ten years later, Bavorové’s daughter joined the Talon Force incognito.

The ECC soldiers use advanced cyborg bodies made by mechanical bones and artificial muscles. However, the core of the project was the technology from the old civilization first discovered by Bavorové: to transfer a human brain into a biochemical brain. A reconstructed brain can be used as an independent organ that can be removed from the human body and connected with a cyborg body. Theoretically, the cyberbrain will retain the original personality and memory of the original person. However, in actual operation, the inability to fully grasp the technology and the lack of corresponding equipment from the old civilization will almost inevitably lead to the brain death of the subject. However, a compromised solution can bring a higher probability of success, but not only will some if not all of the memory be lost, the brain cells will still decay and die after a few years. These side effects make the mental state of an ECC cyborg very unstable. Early cyborgs often commit suicide, even shooting others regardless they are foe or ally. The solution is to constantly use hormones to stabilize the psychological state of the cyborgs, which leads to the lack of emotional range like a normal human being.

The ECC’s cyborg body uses high-performance batteries as an energy source. The batteries carried in the body can maintain 24 hours of energy for combat needs. In actual missions, the soldiers usually carry spare batteries in the backpack which could sustain them for 7 days of combat. The output of their artificial muscles is 2-3 times of a human and can reach 4 times the power for a short period at the expense of quickly depleting power.

The combination of human judgment and mechanical efficiency of a cyborg body makes ECC soldiers possess extremely high combat capabilities. The performance is further multiplied when there is a team of these cyborg soldiers: a seamless connection between the human brain and the network enables ECC to coordinate operations without any language communication. Every soldier in the team obtains all information gathered by the whole team at real-time so they can adopt the best strategy.

Nora Divišová

Nora’s background file shows that she was an adopted orphan who entered the Military Academy of the Eridu Republic at age of 18 and graduated with excellent grades. She could have been promoted directly to the headquarters of conventional forces and received a comfortable position in an army office, but Nora chose to join the extremely challenging special operation force department. Soon after she was enlisted, Nora was incorporated into the Talon task force, a secretly formed mixed human and cyborg division.

Each Talon unit is composed of 12 ECC (Enhanced Combat Cyborg) soldiers and a human officer. Although ECC soldiers can perform various tactical operations independently, considering the psychological problems of the cyberbrains caused by imperfect technology, the high command doesn’t trust them. As a result, each Talon unit is under command of a human officer, who has the right to execute the decommission order: permanently shut down an ECC cyborg. Nora became one of the first officers to command such task force units.

Nora has a cold personality, and rarely expresses emotions to others. Her colleagues often joke that she is colder than an emotionless ECC cyborg. This personality enables her to stay calm in the direst circumstances and formulate optimal strategies as if there is never a fear of failure or death in her mind. In contrast to her cold touch with other humans, Nora seems to show more concern to the cyborgs under her command. She gives each ECC soldier a nickname instead of calling them by number and provides them weapons and gear according to their preference. She even encourages them to try to recover the memories they lost during their transformation to a cyborg. Nora’s superior noticed her actions and warned her that once the cyborgs regained their memories, it might cause serious consequences. However, Nora’s defense is that her methods can improve the mental stability of ECC soldiers and delay their inevitable brain death.

Through blood and dirt, Nora and her soldiers have experienced many battles together. Nora does not give up any chance to recover casualties and retrieve their cyberbrains at any cost. Each soldier acts like her own limb, and the whole unit is coordinated as though it is a single person.

LD 75mm And 35mm Scale Talon Squad And Nora 1 LD 75mm And 35mm Scale Talon Squad And Nora 2 LD 75mm And 35mm Scale Talon Squad And Nora 3 LD 75mm And 35mm Scale Talon Squad And Nora 4

Talon Squad 75mm – Regular price $120,00

This product includes:

  • 4 x Enhanced Combat Cyborg soldiers 75mm scale resin kit (with 4x 50mm base)
  • 1 x Nora Divišová  75mm scale resin kit (with 50mm base)
  • 1 x Diorama base
  • 1 x Serial number certificate and art card
  • 1 x Folded design & story page
  • Assembly instruction
  • Steel collection case

LD 75mm And 35mm Scale Talon Squad And Nora 5 LD 75mm And 35mm Scale Talon Squad And Nora 6 LD 75mm And 35mm Scale Talon Squad And Nora 7

Talon Squad 35mm – Regular price $75,00

This product includes:

  • 4 x Enhanced Combat Cyborg soldiers 35mm scale resin kit (with 4x 30mm base)
  • 1 x Nora Divišová  35mm scale resin kit (with 30mm base)
  • 1 x Diorama base
  • 1 x Serial number certificate and art card
  • 1 x Folded design & story page
  • Assembly instruction
  • Steel collection case

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