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Cyber-Forge: Dezember Patreon

Diesen Monat wird es sandig im Sci-Fi Patreon von Titan-Forge.

Land of Sand

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Hello everyone!
In December we are bringing our own take on the glorious desert release. It contains everything you need to create your personal land of sand with its powers and dangers. Become a liberator, a soldier, or a string-puller in the vast perspectives brought in the aftermath of the destruction of Borderlands.

Be sure to stay for December for an absolutely cool bonus model coming as a present around Christmas!

Unfreezing the desert took months. Waiting was the worst part for its few lucky inhabitants who were in the city on the Night of Blight (the night when the supposed eco-terrorists blew up the power plant).

Amer Sirocco was once known as the ‚lizard chaser‘. His stunning reflexes and exquisite traps allowed him to make tons of iguana skewers for his numerous younger siblings living a challenging but happy life in the desert.

Raissa, on the contrary, led a life of no worries before. It was just her and her mother who owned and ran profitable silicon mines around the desert. Raissa spent her entire childhood among the sand. On the Night of Blight, she was in the city by herself on a fencing tournament.

Rovia, Son of Josef was a spheric tent constructor with a dream to make the desert a more livable place for everyone. This idea was passed down to him from his father who was a well-known and beloved desert sage. Josef had more knowledge and understanding of the desert than anyone.

The trio met while drowning their survivor’s guilt in the Hexes and Katanas. They instantly knew they are in the exact same position. Not only through the sun-scorched complexion and the desert dialect but they saw it in each other’s eyes. Frozen like the desert which was once their home.

Despite the official data giving a 0% survival rate for anyone outside the city, they all wanted to go back and search for their loved ones, their belongings, or anything really that would remind them of the past life that was now gone.

Once the temperature raised enough, hundreds of transport vehicles started to leave the city each day. Their plan was to leave as soon as possible, but at the gate leading out of the city, they were stopped and denied access.

It turned out the entire desert was split into small pieces of land and given as a generous gift from the City Council to the prominent families. But the gift was not a gift. It only accelerated the feudal nature of the government and brought more in-fighting between already quarreled houses.

Rovia contacted her distant uncle Joshua Rykeen who agreed to bring the trio into his remote zone of the desert as workers, consultants, whatever (his words). He even organized transport with a Dragon Winger. The trio flew over what was once their homeland surprised at how quickly it changed.

From above they saw the different approaches each House had towards the newly acquired land. Lavish Count Shannon was turning his part into a private summer resort. He managed to install flowing water and vegetation but it all relied on an impossible amount of funds and energy for the benefit of hardly anybody but the staff as even the count barely had the time to visit it.

Duchess Cassandra was building a frugal housing and ceremonial complex for her ‚Cosmic Religion‘. Everything was put together by ‚volunteers‘ who donated their work on top of monthly donations, promised to become ‚one with the universe‘ in the afterlife in exchange.

Baran did not care much for his part, but it did mean that he did not ruin it. It became a garbage dump for his refineries while he was away, searching for underdeveloped civilizations to raid with his secret forces.

Separated by concrete walls was a prison/polygon belonging to Tsar Jarema. Brutal conditions in which he kept the captive and sentenced backed up with an unhealthy dose of brainwashing turned them into formidable but unpredictable soldiers called Sand Troopers from the House of Ram (modular). Their fervor has already started to spill behind the walls causing brutal incidents.

The trio landed devasted in the War Steward’s Joshua zone. Back in the day, he was on the Council, responsible for military operations. The Council asked him to keep the peace and security in the desert with his own garrison of Sand Troopers from the House of Eagle (modular). The reinforcements were arriving each day due to the outskirts becoming a regular warzone due to Tsar Jarema’s operations.

But war no longer interested Joshua. He brought scientists and research equipment to develop a sustainable plan for the desert’s future. And he himself wanted to mostly retire and spoil Kaprys, his beloved pug. Once he welcomed the ‚true owners of the desert‘ they sat for lunch. Joshua recognized Rovia as the son of the famous Joseph and was eager if he could use his father’s teaching to interpret his recent scientific findings.

„Well, it is not water,“ said Rovia looking at the simulation.

‚That’s a shame. What then?‘ asked Joshua.

‚Ridge Grubs.‘ Everyone gasped then they started talking collectively.

„Those were exterminated way before any civilians arrived at Titan!“

„Maybe the small ones that lived close to the surface,“ explained Rovia. „Those are much, much bigger. They were able to drill to the moon’s mantle and hide there. With everything that happened lately, they might think it is safe to come back, or maybe… they just got hungry.“

„How do we fight them?“ asked Rovia in panic. „They will be here soon!“

The trio glanced at each other with the frozen eyes. Not even a nod was needed.

„We don’t“, said Amer. „And we know the legends. And the desert. We will join them!“

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Free Model

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Nico Santos is Back!

Hello everyone!

Christmas in Titan City is coming. And the future folklore has the heroes the future needs. Each year, Nico Santos performs a live-transmitted heist and sends all the money to the kids in the city. The heist is, of course, staged and the money, of course, given by parents. Except for this year! This year will be different!

And the reason is simple. Nico is having a mid-life crisis and can’t do this anymore. He sees the kids using the money he supposedly gives out on useless gadgets and drugs. He sees his epic robberies being nothing more than a cheap mystification. That’s why this year, he will steal the money for real and spend it all on the most important person – himself!

Check out our Christmas bonus model – Nico Santos (with hair!), in Reinborghini, with Bimbo Bells, driving away to the cold winter sunset! 

Quelle: Cyber-Forge Miniatures Patreon


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  • Total zwiespältig für mich. Man erkennt, was es sein soll, es ist nicht schlecht, aber allem fehlt Eleganz und alles wirkt zu klobig/dick. Ganz schlimm ist der Ornithopter…

  • Irgendwie hatte ich im Kopf, dass Loot Studios einen Dune-Monat machen wollten und freute mich darauf…
    Und nun sehe ich, dass es Cyberforge war. Verdammt.
    Meine Enttäuschung ist grenzenlos und mein Sonntag ist ruiniert!

    Ich stimme Christian da vollkommen zu. Die sind zu statisch und nicht elegant und seltsam rund an einigen Stellen. Man will auf die geniale Optik des Films hinaus, aber kommt da einfach nicht ran.

    So schade… wollte mir meine imperiale Armee aus Sardaukar oder Fremen drucken… aber eben nicht so 🙁

  • Papsikelz wurde ja mit einem copy right strike abgeschossen.

    Die cyber forge Sachen sind leider faul designed und schrecklich

    • Es wurde noch jeder der irgendwas in die Richtung gemacht hat abgemahnt. Deshalb sind sie Sachen auch so entfernt vom Original. Skullforge war’s glaube ich die auch mit einer Linie begonnen hätten, wurden aber auch sofort abgemahnt.

      • Das stimmt wohl.

        Trotzdem sind die Titanforge sehr faul designed.
        Aber das ist auch eher eingenerisches Problem bei Titanforge.

  • Grinning God ist noch dabei was zu machen. Aber hier sind die Anwälte wohl schnell bei Fuss.
    Dann muss endlich Galeforce Nine endlich mal ran. Die haben glaube ich die Rechte.

    • Ich glaube aber, dass die Dune-Rechte sehr spezifisch vergeben werden, also z.B. nur für einzelne Brettspiele etc. Da dürfte niemand eine „Free for all“-Lizenz haben, zumal vermutlich die Filmdesigns nochmal ein anderes Thema sind (ähnlich wie beim Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop, wo keine Designs/Schauspieler der Serie genutzt werden dürfen).

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