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EC3D: Beyond the Badlands Previews

EC3D Designs teilt Previews zu Beyond the Badlands.

EC3D: Beyond the Badlands Previews

I’m VERY excited to share this preview — this is one of the more detailed designs we’ve ever produced. I really enjoyed putting all the small touches on this one, and it’s representative of the quality/detail we’re gonna have in this entire project! This Apocalypse Quad can help you outrun zombies, mutant beasties or road gangs, pull your new scavenged haul back to your camp, and so much more! Of course, we have the non-damaged, non-outfitted (regular) version as well for those who want to do more customization. Look fore more fun vehicles to follow!
EC3D Designs Beyond The Badlands Previews 1
SO MANY cool wastelander minis to share with you still over the coming months, including this lass! She might heal ya or shoot ya — maybe both!
EC3D Designs Beyond The Badlands Previews 8
Obviously in a post-apoc world you have to keep your threads looking their best! Nothing like a dust bath in a not-working washer and dryer to give your duds that fresh wasteland look everybody admires!
EC3D Designs Beyond The Badlands Previews 7
This stuff isn’t always super sexy, but truth be told I REALLY love making small dressing/set pieces – lots of what makes a post-apoc/wasteland world feel real is the old stuff leftover, scavenged, and haphazardly placed everywhere — to that end we’re making a LOT of highly-detailed bits and bobs to deck out a scene. Here’s some gas and oil drums, cylinders, and various cans. You’ll see some of these items combined into cooler larger scenic pieces later too. Cheers!
EC3D Designs Beyond The Badlands Previews 6
When your inverter fails for your air exchanger/filter system and you have to trade with a road warrior for the part — you better double check the part, and watch your back!
EC3D Designs Beyond The Badlands Previews 5
Not just any rats… but MUTATED ANGRY MOLERATS. Talk about an R.O.U.S….
EC3D Designs Beyond The Badlands Previews 4
„Believe it or not, son, these poles used to carry electricity throughout the world before the Event changed everything. It was as easy as flipping a switch to have heat, light, and television!“
The Wasteland is riddled with relics of the past — and these power poles (that print highly detailed and support-free in resin or FDM parts!) will add that extra touch. Single or double beam, and optional transformer, with 2 different base styling + a broken pole.
EC3D Designs Beyond The Badlands Previews 3
Even the best War Rigs break down – this one hasn’t seen action for a while. Oh well, what’s more toxic sludge to an already polluted world?!
EC3D Designs Beyond The Badlands Previews 2
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