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Corvus Games Terrain: Neuheiten

Corvus Games Terrain veröffentlichen Neuheiten.

Corvus Neu Aug2

MidRim City Phase 2 Bundle 23,50 EUR

A great bundle of 3D printable pieces featuring the second six MidRim City terrain pieces. Scaled to fit 28mm – 34mm sci-fi games to be compatible with Star Wars Legion, Infinity, Stargrave, Star Breach and even Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Each building has a removable upper floor/roof along with removable doors for interior play. Most upper floors and roofs can be accessed by ladders.

MidRim City House D
MidRim City Shop A
MidRim Cty Shop B
MidRim City Food Stand
MidRim City Apartments
MidRim City Parlor Bar

Corvus Neu Aug3

Junktown Ruins Dice Towere 5,00 EUR

A 3D printable Junktown Ruins Dice Tower that matches the aesthetic of the Junktown Ruins terrain bundle. Prints as three parts. Perfect for rolling all those greenskin dice!

Combine with a set of Junktown mini bases to maintain a coherent aesthetic for your squads or the Junktown Lookout Tower and the Sci-fi Junk Piles for even more line-of-sight blocking and cover positions.

Corvus Neu Aug1

Urban MCP Food Stand Model Storage 6,00 EUR

This 3D printable Urban Food Stand doubles as a handy miniatures storage option with built-in templates for 35mm bases, enough space to hold six miniatures.

Comes with both a ‚branded‘ version with signage already in place, as well as a blank version for you to add your own signage or customise using printable sign pieces from the Urban Street Vendors bundle.

Print at 100% to be compatible with Marvel Crisis Protocol. Why not glue some M20 37mm washers into the spaces provided and attach magnets to the underside of your models base for a secure hold when on the go.



Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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