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Avatars of War: Neue Zwerge

Von Avatars of War kommen neue Zwergenkrieger.

AoW Avatars Of War Zwerge 1 AoW Avatars Of War Zwerge 2 AoW Avatars Of War Zwerge 3

Dwarf Clan Warriors – €35.00 €24.50

These regiments, which make up the bulk of a Dwarf army, are made up of brave warriors arrived from different Dwarven clans. In times of war, these warriors will will fight side by side against the common enemy.

Sculpted by Felix Paniagua

This regiment set contains 90 PVC plastic pieces to assemble one 20-strong or two 10-strong Dwarf Clan Warriors regiment with hand weapon and shield. Contains the optional pieces to assemble one or two command groups (leader, standard bearer and musician).
Contains also 20 plastic 20mm square bases with a magnet bay for a 5mm round magnet.

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