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Avatars of War: Patreon Grotlings

Avatars of War lassen in diesem Monat die wilde Horde los.

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Greetings, Legendary Makers!

We are about to unleash a swarm of fun and the most hilarious madness with the Grotlings from Avatars of War, ready to fill your gaming table with unimaginable charisma.

These small beings, who are the very embodiment of madness and unbridled fun, are ready to create a unique visual spectacle. Their dynamic and fun-filled poses highlight their natural madness and their tendency to get into trouble.

The Grotlins have landed on the Avatars of War Patreon and are ready to steal the Show.

Felix has sculpted these Grotlins in rows of several miniatures so that they can interact with each other in a dynamic and wild way. On each 40mm base, you can place two rows of Grotlins, allowing you to create up to 20 different bases, each one crazier than the last.

In total, Felix has sculpted 30 different Grotlins,  I am honest when I tell you that this man’s creative ability never ceases to amaze me!

Armed to the teeth with the most unusual weapons that you yourselves have chosen, a ladle, forks, a fish, a bottle, a mushroom... these Grotlins bear the seal of our community and promise to revolutionize our collections with their tendency to cause more problems than they solve.

We are looking forward to seeing them printed, painted, and becoming a part of your unique creations, undoubtedly an ode to the Old School but with the fresh and exciting reflection of Avatars of War and the Legendary Makers.

We are excited to see how the Legendary Makers are going to use this dynamism and versatility to bring life to your own unique creations.

Thank you for being part of this revolution.

PS: You can find the download link in this private post:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/get-here-your-80772612

The new Old school rocks!

Johanna Acquah Paniagua & Felix Paniagua.

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