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Zenitminiatures: Takkure

Zenitminiatures zeigt Previews des geplanten Kickstarters für das Sci-Fi Rugby Spiel „Takkure“.

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Zenitminiatures – Takkure Kickstarter

Takkure the new cyberpunk rugby boardgame is coming soon. We have the task to produce the miniatures and make the fullfilment of the proyect.
We would like to present you one of the teams that you will find in the Takkure box: Yamato.
With a traditional Japanese aesthetic, it has a sinister origin: they are well-known for its financial ties with the Yakuza. However they show an exemplary behaviour on the field and an incredible ability to overcome. A team that never gives up and keeps on fighting till their very last ounce of strength.
Discover one of the most important teams of the Neon League.
Sculpted by Fernando Lago Alonso
Quelle: Zenitminiatures FB
BK-Herr Kemper

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  • Die Aufmachung macht auf jeden Fall was her! Kein Wunder bei der Grafik-Schwäche…
    So halb-krude japano-Technisierung ist irgendwie immer gut.

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