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Privateer Press: Neuheiten

Privateer Press veröffentlicht Neuheiten für Hordes und Monsterpocalypse.

Brigadier General Gunnbjorn – Trollbloods Warlock

Brigadier General Gunnbjorn – Trollbloods Warlock – 19,99 USD

The Trollbloods have suffered for decades at the hands of outsiders, and the infernal invasion was yet another human atrocity that punished the kriels. The infernals had not come to Caen for their souls, but the cosmic horrors still slaughtered the children of Dhunia whenever their forces crossed paths. 

During this turmoil, a trollkin hero rose to the occasion and organized a proper military operation to force the infernals out of trollkin lands and far away from the worshippers of Dhunia. Brigadier General Gunnbjorn has negotiated wartime peace treaties with other non-trollkin Dhunia worshippers, such as the savage Farrow, and assembled an army far greater than the enemies of the kriels have seen before. He will stop at nothing until the world is rid of the otherworldly menace or anyone else who dares threaten his people again.

The second iteration of Gunnbjorn has some similarities to his original incarnation in that both love their guns and are exceptionally dangerous with them, but Brigadier General Gunnbjorn takes a different approach to combat. Capable of stripping away enemy defense and defenses such as Shield Guard, all while commanding nearby models/units to shoot more accurately or more often, Gunnbjorn levels the field with massive amounts of firepower. His potent feat also encourages the use of many ranged area-of-effect attacks, as those guns will deal their full POW on blast damage instead of a reduced amount. This makes models such as the Trollblood Blitzer/Bomber (PIP 71058), Trollkin War Wagon (PIP 71065), and the new Trollkin Barrage Team (PIP 71123) excellent choices in any army lead by Gunnbjorn.

Trollkin Barrage Team – Trollbloods

Trollkin Barrage Team – Trollbloods Unit – 26,00 USD

As the infernals came for human souls, refugees fled to all corners of Caen (and beyond) to escape. Many of these refugees found themselves in troll lands. There, some were welcomed allies while others were not. No matter their allegiance to the trollkin, many of these survivors brought with them their stores of supplies, including weapons and ammo, which Brigadier General Gunnbjorn happily accepted in return for sanctuary among the trollkin.

It was not long before the brigadier general organized the first units of barrage teams, trollkin trained to use cutting-edge rocket launchers acquired from the human kingdoms. With plenty of ammunition available, the barrage teams are allowed to fire into enemy lines repeatedly, scorching the battlefield with their devastating blasts.

Trollkin Barrage Teams are a potent, long-range unit that can deliver high-powered explosive shots deep into enemy lines. With a base range on their rocket launchers of 16˝, there is not much that can hide from their shots once they’re in position. They are a straightforward unit but very good at what they do, and what they do is blow things up. They pair well with models that increase their ranged output, whether that’s the distance of their shots with models such as Captain Gunnbjorn (PIP 71045) or Hunters Grim (PIP 71070), or models that increase the damage potential of their attacks, such as Brigadier General Gunnbjorn (PIP 71122) or General “Thunderstone” Brug (PIP 63030).

Zerkalo Bloc Monster Zavod 075

Zerkalo Bloc Monster –  Zavod 075 – 28,99 USD

The final waves of a Zerkalo Bloc invasion force are comprised of mobile support elements. After the first shock of the breach assault and the establishment of a base of operations, the invasion shifts to conquest mode. This is when the massive tracked factory mechs are finally brought to bear. The first of these mobile smoke-belching monstrosities to be seen in the battles of the Monsterpocalypse was Zavod 075. It trundled along behind Voyaka 099, scooping up the debris left in the battleship’s wake. This detritus was then fed into the factory’s massive resource hopper and sifted through for useful material to be built into more frontline troops. Any who scoff at the fighting prowess of one of these machines should beware. Their massive digging arms are more than capable of staggering melee attacks, and each one has a large cannon mounted in its chest.

Zavod 075 is a support monster that can be added to any Destroyers force. This rolling factory possesses multiple ways to reinforce its army, whether using its construction capacity and onboard materials to Summon new units or Manufacturing the remains of enemies into fresh allies. The units that follow it into battle act as a Wrecking Crew, destroying buildings to keep their monstrous leader fully fueled. When Zavod 075 goes hyper, its ability to create new units is somewhat reduced, but it is more than capable of Salvaging any nearby debris to gain more power.

Zerkalo Bloc Unit SPAR And Vorota Walker

Zerkalo Bloc Unit – SPAR and Vorota Walker – 24,99 USD

As the factory monsters join an invasion to push into new territory, the Zerkalo Bloc high command also releases more specialized support units to join the fight. The self-propelled artillery rockets, commonly referred to as SPARs, come marching through the breach in long parades, as much a show of force as direct combatants. Vorota Walkers are deployed in smaller numbers, but the battlefield impact of these mobile breaches in reality is as great as any weapon fired directly at the enemy. 

This blister contains units that can be added to any Destroyers force. The SPARs deployed by Zerkalo Bloc forces are comprised of a small walker that transports a massive missile. These missiles far out-range anything fielded by their opponents, and once they Expend their single shot, they scurry back to rearm in the safety of the army’s reserves. Vorota Walkers employ the same reality-tearing technology used to bring the invasion to a new Earth. Even though they sacrifice the power to open massive holes in space that the fixed facilities on the other side can do so easily, the high command sees this trade as being more than worth it. These walkers serve as a Beachead for their additional invading forces and are able to Summon fresh allies onto any battlefield.

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  • Was ne langweilige Gunnbjorn. Dabei ist der Ur-Gunnbjorn meine Lieblingsfigur der gesamten PP-Reihe

    • Ich mag das Modell von Gunbjorn auch … aber ich glaub Regeltechnisch war er der schlechteste Warlock ever.

  • Ich hab das Gefühl das PP einen Aufschwung erfährt, würde mich freuen wenn mich mein Gefühl nicht trügt.
    Warmahordes finde ich zwar furchtbar aber Warcaster ist echt geil

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