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Kings of War: Neue Previews

Mantic Games haben neue Sets für Kings of War angekündigt.

Phew… we’re only just recovering from the excitement of announcing Armada last week, but there’s no time for a rest because this week we’re looking ahead to an amazing month for Kings of War. October is going to see an absolute avalanche of releases, including a new book, new two-player starter set and TWO new hard plastic troops.

Throughout this week, we’re going to be previewing all this exciting content in excruciating detail, before pre-orders go live on the Mantic site this Friday. However, today we’ve got a short preview of everything that’s coming up in October.


Halpi’s Rift is a brand-new campaign book for Kings of War, which includes rules for the using the magic bleeding into the world of Pannithor in your games! Each campaign location is affected by the magical energies running through Pannithor differently – providing players with additional location specific spells and artefacts that can be used to vanquish their foes and turn the tide of the campaign.

The increase in magical activity in these locations may also provide Spellcasters with powerful, if sometimes unpredictable, abilities. Such is the power of these magical energies, that even the nature of the battlefield terrain itself may be blessed or cursed by it, causing generals to adapt their tactics for the unique scenarios found in each location.

MG Kings Of War October Releases Preview 1

The supplement also sees us continuing to move the Kings of War timeline along slightly. Long gone is the war against the Abyss and now the Abyssal Dwarfs, goblins and Ratkin are causing problems in the Halpi region. Alongside plenty of new narrative (with a main story penned by Mark Latham), Halpi’s Rift also sees the introduction of some new and returning magic users. Fans of Nomargarok, your time has come!

It’s also worth noting that Halpi’s Rift was originally going to be the basis for a global campaign, with factions fighting over the energy surging through the mountains. Although that hasn’t been possible * shakes fist at 2020 * we are still planning to use it as a basis for a campaign next year. So, buy the book and get practising.

If you simply can’t wait to get more info on Halpi’s Rift, the delectable Steve Hildrew has filmed a play through with the equally delightful Matt James.


A new supplement isn’t the only big release for October because we’ve got an amazing new two-player set featuring the all-new hard plastic goblins and * drum roll please * hard plastic Ratkin. That’s right, the ratties are officially making their way into Kings of War as a Mantic army. The Ratkin will be released as a full army in early 2021, so this is a great opportunity to be among the first to grab some and start your furry army.

MG Kings Of War October Releases Preview 2

Inside the two-player set is 40 hard plastic goblins, an exclusive resin Wiz, three trolls, 40 hard plastic Ratkin, a Night Terror and an exclusive resin Warlock. Plus, there’s a Gamer’s Edition rulebook and a special War in the Holds getting started booklet.

We’ll have more on War in the Holds later this week, along with a closer look at those amazing Ratkin.


Although the new hard plastic Ratkin aren’t getting a full army release until early 2021 (although they can definitely be boosted with the sci-fi Veer-myn range), the goblins are most certainly getting their time to shine.

MG Kings Of War October Releases Preview 3

The new hard plastic means we’re able to produce a refreshed army set and mega army. The latter is extremely exciting because it now includes a giant. That’s right, you get a whopping big giant in the mega army.

We’ll have a much closer look at the goblins soon! So, as you can see, there’s plenty of excitement for Kings of War just around the corner. What are you most excited about? The correct answer is goblins.


Mantic Games ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasywelt erhältlich.

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