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Frostgrave: Artbook Previews

Osprey haben ein Artbook zu Frostgrave angekündigt.

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In October, we’ll be releasing Frostgrave: Wizard Eye: The Art of Frostgrave, a beautiful book that celebrates the magical artwork of Kate and Dmitry Burmak from Joseph A. McCullough’s fantasy skirmish wargame.

The book contains behind-the-scenes content, including concepts, sketches, work-in-progress shots, and commentary from the creators. Within its pages you will find all the artwork from the core rulebook up to the Perilous Dark expansion.
Below you can find an extract from the book, looking at the piece of artwork from the front cover of Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City:
„Joseph McCullough: For most people, this is the iconic image of the game, since it features on the cover of the main rulebook. For me, that designation belongs to another piece…
One thing I find amusing about this scene is that the Elementalist is floating above the ground, even though there is no spell or magic item that allows this in the game. This is my fault – I asked Dmitry to set the scene this way, but never thought about it again until writing this. Maybe the Thamauturge’s apprentice is just out of shot casting Push from a lower elevation?
Dmitry Burmak: One of the most exciting parts of working on Frostgrave was the opportunity to paint the cover. I had been an illustrator for several years and drawn numerous characters and interior shots for fantasy books, but I’d always wanted to draw covers. Frostgrave was my first chance.
To help with the composition, I made my own Thaumaturge outfit using anything I could find at home – a hoody, bathrobe, even my wife’s old skirt. A broomstick become my wizard’s staff. Posing for an illustration is always the funniest part of a job…“

For fans of Frostgrave and lovers of fantasy art, this book is a must-have. Preorder your copy today from the Osprey Games website! https://bit.ly/309nicH

OG Osprey Art Of Frostgrave

Frostgrave: Wizard Eye: The Art of Frostgrave – £30,00


Even before the original Frostgrave rulebook landed in players‘ hands, its artwork, previewed in the run-up to release, attracted widespread attention and acclaim. Today, some eight volumes, two novels, and multiple boxed sets of plastic miniatures later, Dmitry and Kate Burmak have produced more than 85 illustrations, guided by the concepts developed by Frostgrave creator Joseph A. McCullough. Together, these three have breathed life into the Frozen City, depicting the wizards, warriors, and creatures that call it home.

With behind-the-scenes content, including concepts, sketches, work-in-progress shots, and commentary from the creators, this lavish volume features all the artwork produced for Frostgrave from the rulebook that started it all to the Perilous Dark supplement.

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