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Crooked Dice: Previews

Ein Zombie-Zirkus-Bär? Das und noch mehr Previews von Crooked Dice.

Crooked Dice Zeddy Bear Crooked Dice Zeddy Bear2

Crooked Dice – Zeddy Bear

Evening all. If you tuned into this morning’s freewheeling Saturday Morning 7TV, you might have spotted this monstrous zombie bear that I previewed in one of our more coherent moments.

Here’s a better look. Sculpted by

Pedro Navarro

this undead grizzly stands approx 70mm tall. Coming soon…

Andrew Taylor has painted this beastie for me. He named it the Zeddy Bear and that might stick! Hope to release this in a couple of months once I have built up some stock.

Crooked Dice Motherboard Crooked Dice Motherboard2

Crooked Dice – Motherboard

Simon Bradley has painted Motherboard from the Argonaut kickstarter. Sculpted by Andrew May.

Crooked Dice Coprse Scavengers Crooked Dice Coprse Scavengers2 Crooked Dice Coprse Scavengers3 Crooked Dice Coprse Scavengers4

Crooked Dice – Coprse Scavengers

Some more photos of the flip side of the display board – as Old Zeb explores the caverns beneath Marshport. These pics also include an exclusive peak at an fantasy upcoming release – one of two Corpse Scavengers.

Quelle: Crooked Dice auf Facebook

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  • Für mich sieht das weniger nach Zombie-Bär, als nach gequältem Ostblock-Zirkusbär aus. Fehlt gerade noch die Fußfessel… Das ist mal ein Modell, das mir absollut widerstrebt! Gut modelliert ist es schon, aber die Optik löst in mir unbehagen aus!

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