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Dust 1947: Multi-Option Infantry

Mit diesem Mercenary Squad erscheint die erste Multi-Option Infanterie für Dust 1947.

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Dust 1947 – Multi-Option Infantry

This September will mark a milestone for Dust 1947 as our new Infantry Units format will be released for the first time. We will kick off with the Mercenaries, whose basic Infantry only had one choice so far… This is going to change in a big way!

The Mercenary Multi Option Infantry Squad allows you to assemble up to seven different Units. Yes, seven. And there are seven unique miniatures in the box. Yes, seven again! As usual with Dust 1947 everything is included in the box so we made seven (!!!) Unit Cards, to make the game run as smooth as usual.

One box will allow you to field three different Units and you will be able to make four more by adding another of the same box. Whether you need anti-infantry, anti-tank, or anti-aircraft, these Mercs got you covered. This new box is a great way to start an all-Mercenary force. They started with a support role for the other Factions & Blocs, but now they don’t need anybody else to go to war!

That’s not all: to keep it fair for everyone, we kept the regular price of Infantry for this set, even with the extra miniatures and cards. An even better reason to start this new force!

The Multi Option Infantry Squad is the future of Dust 1947 and will soon come to your gaming table for other forces. The People’s Liberation Army is next after the Mercenaries and will mark the real birth of this Faction. Stay tuned for more and until then, happy gaming!

Olivier Zamfirescu.

  • Neues Format für Infanterie Einheiten
  • in den Boxen mehr Minis, mehr Karten
  • aus einer Merc Box lassen sich drei verschiedene Units aufstellen, kombiniert man zwei Boxen, sind sieben Varianten möglich
  • Preis pro Box soll konstant bleiben
  • nach den Mercs kommt die PLA (SSU) Box

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