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Avatars of War: Arena Deathmatch 4

Die neue Edition von Arena Deathmatch ist da.

AoW Arena Deathmatch Edition 4 2

Arena Deathmatch is a tabletop miniatures game where each player takes the role of a lanista, creating and training a band of between 2 and 4 Avatars of War (heroes chosen by the Gods themselves) and pitting them against the band of other players in the arena, in front of a raucous crowd that is thirsty for action, blood and violence.

The outcome of a game of Arena Deathmatch begins to be written long before you jump into the arena, when you recruit and train your champions. The huge customization options allow each of your gladiator’s game cards to be totally unique, created almost from sratch to suit your tactics.

Once in the arena, you must test your ability to think fast and use cunning tactics to attack your opponent’s weak points. But your opponent is not the only obstacle to victory; the perils of the arena await you as pits of death and wild beasts threaten your band.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of pleasing your followers. Having the crowd by your side will often make the difference between victory and defeat!

Learn the game in less than an hour with the Arena Deathmatch „Learn by Playing“ tutorial

Zu dem Spiel ist ein neues Grundset erschienen:

AoW Arena Deathmatch Edition 4 3 AoW Arena Deathmatch Edition 4 4 AoW Arena Deathmatch Edition 4 5 AoW Arena Deathmatch Edition 4 6 AoW Arena Deathmatch Edition 4 7 AoW Arena Deathmatch Edition 4 8 AoW Arena Deathmatch Edition 4 9

Arena Deathmatch 4th ed. core set – Regular price €34,95

The Arena Deathmatch Core Set contains all the game components you need to play, and more: Rulebook, Crowd Cards, Card sleeves for your champions‘ Game Cards, Arena game board, Scenery tiles, Templates, Rulers, Dice, and marker pens.

Die einzelnen Komponenten sind auch separat erhältlich.

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  • Uuhhh… sehr geil… Ich habe die erste Version schon geliebt. Leider war das Balancing eher Mist. Ich bin gespannt wie es jetzt wird – gekauft! 🙂

  • Ouh, ich mag solch Mini Tabletops / Brettspielhybride.
    Wie viel und was für Charaktere wohl gespielt werden können?

    • Die „Karten“ generierst du über die App, da man vor dem Spiel, wie in einem klassischen Rollenspiel, noch Attributspunkte und Fähigkeiten verteilen kann.

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