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Greebo Games: Alastoran Previews

Greebo Games präsentieren neue Preview Bilder zu Alastoran.

Greebo Games Alastoran Previews 01

[Alastoran – Fantasy Football (Fixed weapon)] Nothing but the best for our guys: a shiny brand new chainsaw, including a textured grip and a premium ignition mechanism that runs on gas and mayhem (Splatter guard sold separately).

This January don’t miss the campaign where you will find also this champion!

Greebo Games Alastoran Previews 02

[Alastoran – Fantasy Football] Maybe we’re a bit old fashioned, but how bout a chainaxe instead of a boring old chainsaw?

Greebo Games Alastoran Previews 03 Greebo Games Alastoran Previews 07 Greebo Games Alastoran Previews 06 Greebo Games Alastoran Previews 05 Greebo Games Alastoran Previews 04

[Alastoran – Fantasy Football] Our first resin cast (we have made also metal version, our main material). This Horned Demon is a simple player with low armor value and it will be made in more variants: different horns, armor skins, poses etc.

Do you like how it looks?

This January we will start our new Kickstarter, as always full of models combined in a great deal! We will use this month to ask players about feedback, suggestions etc. We will try to create the best product possible in Greebo Games and with your help will be possible!

Greebo Games Alastoran Previews 08

[Alastoran – Fantasy Football] This is a WIPPONE: When a WIP (Work In Progress) is very very big…like it will be in to the pitch.


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  • Ob es nun ein cooles Football Team etc. wird ist, ist mir egal, die sind perfekte Gegner Modelle für mein Game. Erst die geilen Assassinen und nun die.

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