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Dust Tactics: Battlefront übernimmt

Die Verantwortung für die Dust Tactics Produkte wechselt von Fantasy Flight Games zu Battlefront.


BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES TO TAKE OVER DISTRIBUTION OF DUST TACTICS AND DUST WARFAREDust Studio today announced that Battlefront Miniatures will become its publishing and distribution partner for the Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare miniatures game lines. Fantasy Flight Games, Dust Studio’s current publishing partner for those games, will transition sales and marketing activity to Battlefront Miniatures on June 1st, 2013.

Dust has had a wonderful few years, during which we have seen the game’s community grow exponentially,” said Dust creator Paolo Parente. “Both Dust Studio and Fantasy Flight Games have evolved significantly during our relationship, and we now mutually feel that we are both better served by moving in new directions. Christian (CEO of Fantasy Flight Games) and I have known each other for many years, and I can say that this decision is a truly amicable one.”

Added John-Paul Brisigotti, CEO of Battlefront Group, “we are very excited by the Dust universe, and although it is a first for us to be distributing a product other than our own, the fit with our business model made this partnership something we could not resist. During the last few years, we have been moving into new avenues to expand the breadth of products the group offers, and we see DUST as another one of these ranges.”

“We’ve been fortunate to distribute Dust Tactics since its debut at GEN CON 2010, and we’re very proud of our development work on Dust Warfare,” said Christian T. Petersen, CEO of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). “The last year, however, as FFG experienced phenomenal growth across many of our publishing categories, it became clear that Paolo and the Dust games would be better served by a partner who specializes in the unique business of miniature games. We’re confident that Paolo’s partner choice in Battlefront Miniatures is a strong one, and we wish nothing but the best to them, to Paolo, and to the fantastic Dust fan community.”

Starting June 1st, Battlefront Miniatures will begin soliciting and distributing all new products for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. FFG will ship all of its previously solicited new products prior to that date, and FFG will continue to exclusively sell all current Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare items while its inventories last. While FFG will support the Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare regionals events in May and June 2013, all future marketing and organized play for the games will be handled by Battlefront Miniatures, including the scheduled GEN CON 2013 tournaments.

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Heidelberger.

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  • ist das gut oder schlecht? FFG hat sich bisher ganz ordentlich gehandhabt und den Neuen kenn ich noch nicht

  • Eher habe ich Angst um die Preise, da Battlefront auch nicht grade zimperlich ist wie GW.
    Wenn ich schon bedenke, was ich für 5 Panzerchen bei BF bezahle und dann den Vergleich mit Plasticsoldier ziehe……..

    Ich muss aber zugeben, das BF sein Handwerk versteht und den Kunden genauso wie GW mit ständigen News füttert. Was wiederum gut ist. Achja. Scheiss auf Preise. Das Hobby ist halt teuer. Teuer wird es einfach nur, wenn man alles haben will 😀

    • Schau aber auch drauf, was BF so alles an zusätzlichem Material online stellt. preislich besteht kein Grund in Panik auszubrechen.

  • Was wechselt ist Marketing und Vertrieb. Herstellung und Rechte liegen immer noch bei Dust Studios in Hong Kong.

    Olivier Zamfirescu von Dust Studios hat dazu auf Facebook geschrieben:

    Hi everyone,
    this is what happens sometimes when you get out of the office for a few hours: you have too many messages to read when you get back! Now that the DUST has settled (good one right?), I’m going to jump in and try to answer all the questions you have asked.

    First of all, I read ALL your concerns about us working with a new partner, Battlefront. It has made me very happy to see that some of you would be so concerned: it means that you care and so you must like what we make. So we must do some things right, otherwise you wouldn’t care. Right?

    Onto details now:
    Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare miniatures are not going to change scale. Period. We have a TON of things planned, and as Paolo mentioned a few weeks ago we are already working on the miniatures that will be released in 2015… And I still have a pretty good idea of what’s happening after that. So no worries here. You’re stuck with us FOR YEARS.


    I think it’s also important to explain that the decision to change partner was mutual. Many people don’t believe it when this is said but in this case it’s true. It is quite difficult to explain, so you kinda have to take my word for it. One company wanted to focus on its core activities. The other one wanted to continue to grow, discover new horizons. There are no hard feelings, there’s no fight. It was time for a change and we’re all certain here that it’s a change for the better.

    Of course Paolo, Vincent and I are very attached to Dust Tactics. It’s our baby. The game we have been wanting to make for years and years. I think the first time I heard Paolo talk about it was in late 2000 or early 2001. So, yes, we care a lot about it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about Dust Warfare as well. I don’t know where some of you got the idea that we didn’t care. There is absolutely NO WAY we’re going to abandon Warfare players. We’re going to do everything we can to make the transition from one team to another go as smoothly as possible. I hope there won’t be any delays and that Warfare fans will be able to enjoy new units as quickly as possible after their release. Whatever happens, please believe that Dust Warfare is very important for the whole Studio and that it will have our support for a long time. As the title of the announcement says, Battlefront is to take over distribution of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. No one thinks about abandoning anything. We’re just changing how things will be distributed. Of course some things are going to change as Dust Warfare was a licensed game. But again we all think it will be for the better.

    About prices: recently Paolo explained quite frankly that there would be a price increase this year. There are many explanations to this, and NONE are linked to us teaming with Battlefront. Plastic is more expensive. Paper is more expensive. Manufacturing is more expensive. Shipping is more expensive. Just to name a few. Even with the price increase, I still think that we offer a very affordable range of games and miniatures at a very competitive price. Sure that’s just my opinion.
    I know some will find that our products are always too expensive. That’s the problem with miniature gaming: you always find it too expensive. I’ve been collecting miniatures for the past 28 years, and they were already too expensive then. But when I see what we offer I’m very comfortable with the price we have. I don’t want to compare with anything our competitors do, it’s useless. But if you honestly look at what we do, I think you will agree with me.

    And at last I would like to talk a little about what’s coming. We have GREAT stuff to be released in the next few months. We have AMAZING models coming up. Much awaited units are going to join your armies and I’m quite certain you’re gonna love them. The changes are not going to change this in any way: if you already like our miniatures, you won’t be disappointed. And if you like our games you will continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

    Happy gaming to all,


  • Hoffentlich nicht…
    15mm halte ich für die tollen Dust Modelle für vollkommen ungeeignet.
    Sehe das ganze mit gemischten Gefühlen, Flames of War vertreiben Battlefront aber ja recht erfolgreich.

    • Warum nicht, als zusätzliche Option für Massenschlachten fände ich das prima. Das eine muss das andere ja nicht ersetzen.

      • Wenn 15mm kommen sollte, dann nur parallel dazu. Abgeneigt ist das Studio der Idee nicht, aber verfolgt sie zur Zeit nicht intensiv. Erst mal müssen Tactics und Warfare versorgt werden.

  • Vielleicht wollte Battlefront primär das „know-how“ der Plastikminis einkaufen? Ich bin großer Fan von Dust Warfare und bin sehr überrascht worden, von dieser Mitteilung. Es wäre sehr schade, würde dass System unter dem „Publisher“ Wechsel kaputt gehen. Vielleicht entwickelt sich aber auch die ganze Sache eher positiv. Ich bin gespannt!

    • Dann sind sie aber bei Dust an den falschen geraten. Sie sind aber besser geworden. Sind die von FoW so schlecht gegossen?

  • > Für den deutschen Kunden ändert sich nichts, an den Übersetzungen wird weiterhin gearbeitet. Und BF hat nur die Vertriebsrechte sonst nix.

  • Achja, klingt doch alles ganz locker.

    Ich denke, FFG hat mit X-Wing gerade extrem genug (um nicht zu sagen den Ar*** voll) zu tun, da würde Dust ehr leiden und federn lassen müssen.

    Ich sehe das sehr positiv. Mehr Resourcen bei FFG / Entlastung. Und Dust als vollwertiges Tabletop in den Händen eines Tabletopherstellers. Wird schon schiefgehen… 😉

    • Ich bin genau deiner Meinung. FFG wird entlastet und ich glaube auch, dass das Team von Bettlefront das hinkriegt. Warum sich also Sorgen machen?

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