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Infamy Miniatures: Talullah Belle

Infamy Miniatures bringen ein neues Modell heraus.

Talullah Belle 1

A former Mississippi prostitute, Talullah won the heart of a rich oil magnate, robbed him, murdered him and fled to London to lead the Lost Boys, a gang of fierce sky pirates.

This 32mm scale model has been resin cast to the highest standards. It is supplied unconstructed and unpainted.

You will recieve:

  • One nine part Talullah Belle miniature (base, body, sword, pistol, head, right leg, left leg, right wing, left wing)
  • One 30mm lip edged base

This model is available to pre-order and will be shipped out at the end of May 2013. Any models ordered at the same time as Talullah will be shipped along with her when she is released.

Das Modell gibt es in drei Maßstäben: 32mm, 54mm, 90mm. Die 32mm Version kostet 14,99 Pfund.

Quelle: Infamy Miniatures


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