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Wargame Exclusive: Konzeptzeichnungen

Wargame Exclusive arbeiten fleißig an neuen Miniaturen und zeigen auf Facebook ein paar Konzeptzeichnungen für kommende Veröffentlichungen.

Wargame Exclusive Krooll Killteam Set Concept Preview 1 Wargame Exclusive Krooll Killteam Set Concept Preview 2 Wargame Exclusive Krooll Killteam Set Concept Preview 3

Wargame Exclusive Krooll Killteam Set Concept Preview 4 Wargame Exclusive Krooll Killteam Set Concept Preview 5

Hey there, fellow defenders of the Greater Good! We’re thrilled to share a sneak peek at the concept art sketches for our upcoming Krooll Killteam set. These fierce warriors embody the perfect blend of primal instinct and advanced technology, all in service of our noble cause!
1. Silent Crossbowman
Meet our stealthy sharpshooter, the Silent Crossbowman! A pro at taking down targets swiftly and quietly, he’s the one who leaves enemies scratching their heads, wondering what just happened. With a crossbow that could double as a sniper’s dream, he’s the perfect addition to any covert operation.
2. Axe Meister
Next up is the Axe Meister, the finest and fastest dual-wielding melee fighter in his tribe. With a pair of axes that move like the wind, he can slice through enemies before they even realize he’s there. Just don’t challenge him to a chopping contest – you’re guaranteed to lose!
3. The Daring Gunslinger
This Krooll’s got the audacity and courage to rival the wildest of the wild west. With two trusty Colt-like pistols, he’s a walking, talking action movie. When he’s around, enemies better keep their heads down – or lose them entirely!
4. Bird Master
Our Bird Master is a Krooll with a unique bond. He raises a fearsome Kroollshun from a chick, forging an unbreakable trust. The bird scouts for prey and enemies, alerting his Krooll companion. Sometimes, it even swoops in to attack, turning the tide of battle. This dynamic duo is the ultimate scouting and surprise attack team!
5. Fearless Leader
Leading this elite squad is the Fearless Leader, a tribal chief who guides his best warriors through the most perilous missions. Wielding the legendary weapon of the Greater Good, he inspires his team to achieve the impossible. His strategic mind and unwavering courage make him the heart and soul of the Killteam.
Join the Journey!
These sketches are just the beginning. Your support on Patreon or MMF helps us bring these characters to life with the intricate detail and dynamic poses they deserve. Join us in celebrating the Krooll Killteam and their adventures for the Greater Good. Follow, share, and support to ensure these legendary warriors make it to your tabletop battles!
Together, we shape the future. Together, we achieve the Greater Good. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep the spirit of the Greater Good alive!
Wargame Exclusive Mechanic Adepts Sheriff Department 1 Wargame Exclusive Mechanic Adepts Sheriff Department 2 Wargame Exclusive Mechanic Adepts Sheriff Department 3
Today, we are thrilled to unveil the concept art sketches for our upcoming model set: the Mechanic Adepts Sheriff Department. Imagine a formidable phalanx of augmented warriors, part human, part machine, marching with unwavering determination across the battlefield. These aren’t just any infantry; they are the relentless foot soldiers of the Mechanic Adepts, known for their sheer numbers, rigorous training, and impressive modifications.
Picture a tide of semi-mechanical beings, each one an integral part of a vast, unyielding wave that sweeps evenly across every corner of the warzone. Their presence is a testament to the power and unity of the Mechanic Adepts, who have perfected the art of blending flesh and circuitry to create a legion that embodies both efficiency and fear.
In our world of the Mechanic Adepts, wastefulness is heresy, and the Sheriff Department stands as a beacon of this creed. They enforce the sacred laws of energy conservation with unyielding fervor. This is not just war; it is a holy crusade against entropy itself.
We, the WargameExclusive Team, are ecstatic to share these glimpses into the Mechanic Adepts Sheriff Department with you. Your support fuels our creativity and drives us to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of wargaming. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring these electrifying characters to life!
Quelle: Wargame Exclusive auf Facebook

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