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Victrix Miniatures: Rus Preview

Victrix zeigt Render von Rus.

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The Rus were of Scandinavian origin (predominantly Swedes) who settled in modern day Ukraine and Russia. They fought and mixed with the local Slavic peoples of the region and by the 10th century mostly had been absorbed into Slavic culture.
They conducted constant raids against their Slavic neighbours in search of booty and slaves. Mostly they travelled by boat along the waterways of the region, which was the best way of traversing the vastness of the land they were colonising.
The Rus also fought against the steppe peoples such as the Avars, Pechenegs and Bulgars as well as fighting against the Byzantine empire. They would form dense shield walls or squares to frustrate the Byzantine cavalry attacks. They would have spearmen and axemen in front and made use of archers in the rear ranks.
Rus were basically Vikings but with more eastern influences in their armour and costume. Their helmets and lamellar armour styles would have been copied and traded from their Steppe Nomad neighbours. Mail was still remained the predominant type of armour however.
You can easily mix these with the Victrix Viking set to create a greater amount of variety. And you can also use them as Slavic warriors of the 9th and 10th centuries. If you combine some parts from the Victrix Dacian set you can use some of the distinctive bowl shaped hats on the unarmoured Rus top further add a Slavic feel to the figures.
Rus often fought as mercenaries for the Byzantines and you can also use the figures as Varangians in Byzantine service. Suitable transfers are being produced to cover the Rus and Varangian options.
This is going to be a really exciting set of miniatures, full of exquisite detail, character and dynamism and we are sure it will be a big hit with our customers.


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