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Tsukuyumi: Neuer Kickstarter angekündigt

King Racoon Games haben einen neuen Kickstarter zu Tsukuyumi angekünsigt.

KR Tsukuyumi Kickstarter 2024 Preview 1

Tsukuyumi 2.5 – The next chapter in the world of Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down In the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign (April 2024)!!!

DISCLAIMER! This is a non-formal pre-information about Tsukuyumi and the respective Kickstarter (KS) campaign in April 2024. Things might change, and we cannot guarantee any details but we wanted to give you an honest look behind the scenes.
In 2018 we released Tsukuyumi for the first time – then as a standee-version – and in 2020 again, but this time with miniatures. Since then, Tsukuyumi has seen probably hundreds or thousands of played sessions worldwide. And since then we’ve also received comments, questions, notifications, critiques, helpful advice and tips.

We’ve written several FAQs, Erratas, and clarification-PDFs, but now the time has come to gather them all in a new set of rule books, stat sheets, and faction boards. But what exactly is Tsukuyumi 2.5?

  • Is it a new edition? Yes and no.
  • Does it change rules? No, we used the time since the last release to clarify a lot of rules and concepts, fixed some issues and included some minor changes that are not really necessary but streamline everything a bit.
  • Do I have to buy Tsukuyumi all over again? Definitely not! If you are a proud owner of Tsukuyumi (Standee or Miniatures), you can keep playing with the games you have.

So, what exactly is the purpose of 2.5??

We want Tsukuyumi to be more accessible. Hence, 2.5 is mainly a rewrite of the rule book and faction sheets. We haven’t changed any cards to date. We are going to introduce a new „quick-start rule concept“ and we merge parts of the codex book with the rule book. Rules and game elements that were always there, but haven’t been given a detailed explanation (you will find examples below) have been fleshed out. We also wanted to enhance the game flow of Tsukuyumi a bit and merged several rules. But let us have a closer look at some of those changes…

I cannot, of course, show all the changes within the limited space of this humble document, but at least some of the more important/visible ones:

  • The Codex book now contains only clarifications of factions and cards; more like a reference book. Areas, blockades, etc., now are to be found in the core rule book.
  • We moved some game components between boxes, which allows for an easier entry into the world of Tsukuyumi. Most of the more complex modules, like Oni Powers or Legendary Oni now can be found in the “After the Moonfall”-box, while others have become „standard“-modules that are included in the core box; like mascots, alternate goals, faction events, etc.
  • Key terms, like Blockades and markers are no defined/described in a much clearer way:

„A marker is a movable game component that is placed flat on an area. This includes territory markers, blockade markers, property markers as well as faction-specific markers such as the Terraformings of the Boarlords, the Dark Seed’s Eggs, or the Nomads’ Mines.
All markers can be removed by all effects that target markers.
Each marker has a special way of how it can be placed i.e., territory markers can only be placed with the combat action Conquest while blockade markers can be placed with event cards.“

„If a player wants to place a blockade over an existing blockade on the same edge or may remove one, follow the priority order below. If a blockade marker can replace another, remove the replaced one from the area and back into the respective supply.“

„Property markers are placed by event cards normally and add a property to an area. Once the marker is covered or removed the property is lost immediately.
Each property marker can only have one copy in the same area. There can never be 2 properties of the same type (Marker and/or printed) in one area. Blockades and territory markers have their own respective limit.“

  • We now have more unit properties. Some units had common rules that always were explained on the faction sheets of a given faction which for those players added to the learning curve. We now changed them into real properties with well-formulated rules and an easily recognizable icon instead of the former „text-based special rules.“

Here are some examples:

  • Pioneer: Some units had that special rule „May ignore Blockades“ seen in the Giraffe (Children of Lion) or Tortaya (First Guardians). The property „Pioneer“ now does exactly that „May ignore blockades“ but would still be affected by enemy units unlike flying.
  • Fast: Wasps, Lt. Dan, and the Sisters of Seven had the annotation „may move +x areas every time they move“. They now are granted the property Fast (x) whereas x stands for the bonus areas a unit may move, for example, Fast 2 means that unit may always move +2 areas when it moves.
  • Spawn Point: The Boarmother (Boarlords) or Malak/Anik/Whale King (Lords of the Lost Sea) had the text-based special rule that new units may be placed in their respective area. Spawn Point does this at the same conditions without rules explained on the faction sheet.
  • Special: A small Icon now also marks units that have an important role in the faction effect such as Planters (Dark Seed), Empress (Sisters of Seven), or Staff Sergeants (Nomads). So that all players at the table can more easily identify their important units.
  • – Control vs. conquered. We put some effort into defining what control really means and why control is different from „conquer“ when it comes to missions and goals.
  • We defined what displacement means, so players can more easily understand it.
  • We’ve rewritten the combat rules without changing them! The core idea/elements are now easier to understand than in the 2018 rule book.
  • We eased the use of Oni a bit, helped with more examples, and found some hacks to reduce the management time so that players are not that often slowed down when it comes to Oni. Here we redefined some small rules, but nothing big. Most players will not even really notice.
  • We introduced a new quick-start concept that will help introducing new players or friends to Tsukuyumi by lowering the learning curve a bit. You will find a helpful guide sheet for the first round and also an easified action card, so that new players are not overwhelmed by selecting an action card as the first thing in the game 🙂

Of course, you will discover many more things in the updated rules once you have a closer look at them, but I guess the above will get the idea across.
In the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign (April 2024) you will have the chance to buy the upgrade pack separately or together with one of the two new boxes.

So, what is new in the next Kickstarter? Glad you asked!

New Backers:
You will have the chance to buy everything from the previous campaigns to get started with Tsukuyumi. You will see a completely different distribution of game materials as we consolidated all components into three boxes:

The Core Box contains all game materials for up to six players (except factions! so you still need at least 2 additional factions).

After The Moonfall comes with two factions, area tiles with new special rules, Legendary Oni, Oni Power cards, and some other modules allowing for customization of your game experience.

Forces of Nature combines the Lords of the Lost Sea, Sentinels, and Fireborn into one single box instead of the three in the previous campaign. Notification: We try to make it available for returning backers, so you can buy only the new stuff from this box as well. But we are still figuring out how to do it the best way.

Returning Backers:
You will have the chance to buy the upgrade pack as well as the new Forces of Nature box. If you are already a proud owner of the complete Tsukuyumi set, the upgrade pack will help you to get your hands on the new rule books and faction sheets.
Of course, we are aware that this might leave some questions unanswered, and we are here to help. Feel free to reach out with your questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them. Stay tuned for more detailed updates as we approach the Kickstarter launch in April 2024.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for Tsukuyumi!

KR Tsukuyumi Kickstarter 2024 Preview 2

The first box we want to present from the upcoming campaign. So in the end, we combined three existing factions together with a new one into one box: the mighty FORCES of NATURE Box. Available in the upcoming Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/tsukuyumi-amaterasu-rising

P.S. If you are a returning backer, fear not! You will have the chance to buy one or two factions separately and even buy only the new box empty to complete your collection. So no need to rebuy anything you already have.

KR Tsukuyumi Kickstarter 2024 Preview 3

The second box we want to reveal is the New Dawn with four all new factions:

We call it New Dawn for all those new entries to your play list. Play as the mythical, steady tortoises of the First Guardians, or the malicious Dark Crusader and take over the control of all Oni on the board. The Sisters of Seven are the most complex but also quickest and most dynamic faction ever designed with a lot of hit and run tactics or take the part of the Chronomaster, that play the game in reversed order as they are 12 time travelling monkey scientists with their ennerving time warp attack, that always sets back all enemy units to their homezones.

Available in the upcoming Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/tsukuyumi-amaterasu-rising

P.S. If you are a returning backer this is all new for you!

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