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The Drowned Earth: Neuheiten

Neue Dinos und mehr für The Drowned Earth.

Kioshi 35038 Kyoshi 11724

Kyoshi: Ghost Shinobi – 8,95 GBP

Kyoshi: Ghost Shinobi is a Sneaky gangster Chameleon! Armed with a venomous long-range rifle he can ruin the enemy’s plans from half a board away!

Kyoshi: Ghost Shinobi is a single piece resin miniature for use with the Firm faction in The Drowned Earth. He is supplied with a 30mm base. 

Romi 92810 Romi 93981

Romi: Dino Hunter – 8,95 GBP

Romi: Dino Hunter provides the Artefacters with well needed dig security against raiders, but especially against wandering wildlife. Dinosaur combat is her speciality. Supplied with a 30mm base.

Romi: Dino Hunter is a single piece resin figure for use with the Artefacter faction in The Drowned Earth. She is supplied with a 30mm base. 

Sumissko 52325

Sumissk’o: Militia Aviator – 8,95 GBP

Sumissk’o: Militia Aviator is a Militia airman and dirigible pilot, messenger, explorer, some-time fighter. An inexpensive model at just 12 points he brings defensive tricks and utility to his faction in the form of a ranged teardrop template weapon which slows the enemy while it damages them!

Sumissk’o: Militia Aviator is a single piece resin miniature for use with the Militia faction in The Drowned Earth. He is supplied with a 30mm base. 

Ryuza 57648 Ryuza 88177

Ryuza: Mercenary Hunter – 8,95 GBP

Ryuza is a Wayfarer, and therefore available as a mercenary to all factions. With a huge hunting bow he specialises in long-range combat. Supplied with a 30mm base.

 Ryuza, Mercenary Hunter, is a single piece resin wargaming miniature in 35mm scale. The supplied with a 30mm base.

Troodon Set 73029 Troodon1 85881 Troodon2 05218 Troodon3 90114

Troodon Boxed Set – 34,95 GBP

This box contains four Troodon and one Troodon Alpha. Troodons are faction neutral, and so can be used with any other factions, or as NPC „AI Controlled“ models using the rules and cards in the Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island boxed set.

Additionally they can be used in Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island special scenarios or in the campaign to provide additional veriety.

Troodons Boxed Set contains five single-part wargaming miniatures in 35mm scale. The box contains 4 30mm bases and one 40mm base. 

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