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Steamforged Games: Warmachine & Iron Kingdoms im Store

Steamforged Games präsentieren Warmachine und Iron Kingdoms in ihrem Store.

Now on SFG Store: Warmachine & Iron Kingdoms

Today’s a big day, because Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms RPG are now up on the Steamforged store!

Steamforged Wm Store 1

There’s a lot to update you on, so let’s get straight to it.

Availability & Updated Release Schedule

As you browse our store, you might notice everything is available for pre-order to ship mid-July.

Before the recent acquisition, Warmachine orders were already experiencing extended lead times due to high demand. Our logistics and production teams are working closely with Privateer’s facility to expedite the process and fulfil existing orders.

In addition, like we talked about in the announcement, we’re still in a transitional period as we build in new and improved processes. Once we’re past the pre-order period, things will be available to order as normal.

(Shipping to Australia isn’t possible right now, but we’re working on getting domestic manufacturing in place and will put out an update when Australian orders open.)

On a related note, Privateer had already announced several upcoming releases. Because of the changeover, the schedule for these has been updated:

Steamforged Pp Timeline

Mini Crate

We’re happy to say Mini Crate will continue! If you already have a subscription, you don’t need to do anything right now. We’ll have more news in the next couple of weeks on when this will be available again, and how it will work. There won’t be any subscription charges in the meantime.

Iron Kingdoms RPG

The physical books are available to order now, and the digital PDF content will follow soon.

Updates for Onboarding & Army Building

Now you can order Warmachine from our website, you’ll notice we’ve made a few changes to the existing range. We’ve designed these to make it as easy as possible for anyone to start playing an army and build it up to the higher points-value games.

Getting Started

The Cryx Necrofactorium release in August will feature a Command Starter.

Command sets are something we’ll be rolling out across factions. These are the best way to start playing because they include a fully-playable force right out of the box, that’s suitable for 30 point games and can be combined with other sets for bigger games.

As an example, the Cryx Necrofactorium Command Starter will consist of a Warcaster, a Character Warjack, a Character Solo, and a Character Unit. Best of all, it will only set you back $79.99 / £64.99.

Steamforged Wm Store 2

Master Necrotech Chatterbane from the Cryx Necrofactorium Command Starter, painted by SFG’s Mat Hart

Following the Cryx Necrofactorium, the next Command set release will be the special 2-player starter box featuring Cygnar vs. Khador. This will be our very first Warmachine release to be in hard plastic (or HIPS).

Building Up

The Battleboxes, which include a Warcaster with a Light Warjack and Heavy Warjack, or a Warlock with a Light Warbeast and a Heavy Warbeast, have been renamed Battlegroup Boxes.

The Battlegroup Box is both a great entry point in its own right, and the perfect next step from your Command set to add another Warcaster or Warlock option, along with your army’s Warjacks or Warbeasts, so you can start playing 50pt games.

We’ve also brought down the price of the Battlegroup Boxes by $10, so they’re now just $69.99 / £59.99.

Steamforged Wm Store 3

Khador Winter Korps Battlegroup Box

Expanding Your Force

In addition, we’ve overhauled the Core Army Starter and the Army Expansion to create new versions that make it easier to expand your armies.

The Core Army Starter has been replaced by the Core Expansion. These still feature a Warcaster or Warlock, along with a selection of solos, units, and attachments. In place of a Heavy and Light Warjack or Warbeast, they now feature a Character Warjack or Warbeast on the alternate chassis.

These changes let us bring down the price significantly, to just $159.99 / £129.99.

Adding a Core Expansion to your Command Starter and Battlegroup Box means you can play 75pt games (with list-building options), and will get you close to a 100pt force.

The new Core Expansion configuration also means that you have the option to either build the Character Warjack or Warbeast, or build a non-Character Warjack or Warbeast by combining parts from the Core Expansion and Battlegroup Box.

For example, the Khador Winter Korps Core Expansion includes all the parts for the Medveditsa Character Warjack. Or, you could combine the alternate Great Bear chassis from the Core Expansion with spare Great Bear arms and heads from your Battlegroup Box to make a Great Bear.

Steamforged Wm Store 4

Khador Winter Korps Core Expansion

Last but not least, the Army Expansion has been replaced by the Auxiliary Expansion. These consist of a Warcaster or Warlock, along with a selection of solos, units, and attachments.

Steamforged Wm Store 5

Cygnar Storm Legion Auxiliary Expansion

Adding an Auxiliary Expansion will give you a wide array of options for 75pt games and let you play at the 100pt level, and they retail at $149.99 / £119.99.

This is the format each new army release will follow, beginning with the Cryx Necrofactorium in August.

To keep things consistent moving forward, the above changes have been retrospectively applied to the armies that already had a Core Army Starter and Army Expansion release. That includes:

  • Cygnar Storm Legion
  • Khador Winter Korps
  • Dusk House Kallyss
  • Orgoth Sea Raiders
  • Khymaera Shadowflame Shard
  • Southern Kriels Brineblood Marauders

As part of the restructuring, there have been some changes to where each Warcaster or Warlock can be found, to make sure they provide the best play experience with the other models in the box. This impacts the following models:

  • Kapitan Ilari Borisyuk
  • Kommander Valerii Savaryn
  • Kapitan Ekaterina Baranova
  • Kishtaar, The Howling Silence
  • Sabbreth, the Eternal Annihilation
  • Horruskh, The Thousand Wraths
  • Captain Firequill
  • Admiral Boomhowler
  • Major Anson Wolfe
  • Captain Athena di Baro

If you already play any of Cygnar Storm Legion, Khador Winter Korps, Orgoth Sea Raiders, or Southern Kriels Brineblood Marauders, this might mean a Warcaster or Warlock you don’t have is now in a box with models you do have.

So, as part of the transition period and in light of the changes, we’re making each of these models available separately for a limited time. You’ll be able to order these from now up until July 18th, after which time they will be fully absorbed back into their box sets and no longer available separately.

For the same reason, because the Character Warjack or Warbeast for each army (along with the alternate chassis) are now being integrated into the Core Expansion, we’ll be keeping each of them available to purchase separately from now and up until July 18th. After this time, they will only be available in the Core Expansion.

The Character Warjacks and Warlocks this affects are:

  • Medveditsa
  • The General
  • Israfyl
  • Molok
  • Great Old One
  • Skylla

As well as the alternate chassis for each of these armies.

So, if you’d like to get any of the above Warcasters, Warlocks, Character Warjack or Warbeast parts, or the alternate chassis on their own, please remember to order by July 18th.

Lastly, there have been some price changes to bring similar items inline and to better reflect actual manufacturing costs. Some items have come down, including the Battlegroup Boxes, whilst there have been slight increases to others.

In addition, for safety reasons, we aren’t able to supply magnets. For those who’d like them, you can find them in many places online.

What’s Next?

It’s a big milestone to have Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms RPG back online, but that’s not all for this week.

As well as Warmachine Wednesday’s post that’s coming later today, we’ll be back before the week is out with Part 2 of the Manifesto.

In it, we’ll be introducing some key members of the Steamforged team who you’ll likely see hanging around Discord and Facebook as we get to know you, and you us. Although, many of us were already hanging out in Warmachine spaces anyway…

Speaking of which, for the latest updates, make sure you’re either in the Steamforged Discord, the official Facebook group, or signed up to the newsletter. (Or all three!)

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      • Im Warmachine subreddit habe ich gelesen, dass es in den USA problematisch ist die Magnete direkt mit den Warjacks zusammenzupacken, deswegen kamen auch schon vor der Übernahme einige Kits ohne Magnete bzw. man konnte ein Säckchen Magnete mitbestellen.

      • @Rafael: Das ist ein bestehendes Modell. Erst die neuen Modelle in den Caster Boxen kommen soweit ich das verstanden hab in Plastik und da ist dann die Frage schon spannend ob sie die gleiche modularität wie beim 3D Druck beibehalten.

        @Rizzy: Japp, hatten sie auch irgendwo in einem der ersten Newsletter erklärt, dass das geändert werden musste.

    • Ich würd sagen, dass ist dem Rüstungswettrennen geschuldet. Die aktuellen Man-O-War Suppressors sehen mittlerweile fast aus wie Jacks, so chunky wie die sind. Da hat Cygnar jetzt nur auf alte ManOWar Größe nachgezogen.

      Wie gefühlt bei allen Miniatur-Spielen wird alles größer…

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