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Shatterpoint: The Mandalorian Regelvorschau

Atomic Mass Games zeigen eine neue Vorschau für Star Wars Shatterpoint: The Mandalorian.

Shatterpoint Mando 1

Databank Download: The Mandalorian

The warrior known as the Mandalorian (sometimes referred to more simply as “Mando”) makes a striking impression wearing the iconic Beskar helmet and stark armor of his people, armed to the teeth and ready for anything. His imposing demeanor is slightly undermined when accompanied by the floating egg-like vehicle containing his adorable young ward, Grogu.

This pair represents one of the strangest team-ups in Galactic memory, one that proves the powerful bonds forged when lives are on the line. Before meeting Grogu, Din Djarin had earned a name for himself as an implacable bounty hunter, a profession not uncommon among the survivors of Mandalore. Raised in a more orthodox and traditional sect of his people, he lives by a strict religious code which includes keeping his face hidden from others.

His fate changed when given the assignment of recovering “the Child,” a young lifeform later identified as Grogu, deemed of great interest for his powerful Force sensitivity, sought by a shadowy client who revealed himself to be Moff Gideon. Uncowed by his high standing in the Galactic Empire, the Mandalorian proved unwilling to turn this youth over to be experimented upon. This created an escalating clash against both Moff Gideon and the Bounty Hunter Guild to which he had belonged. Din Djarin was forced to go rogue and take on all comers to carve out a place for himself and Grogu as a family clan of two. The pair has endured by dint of stubborn resolve, clever pragmatism in battle, and a capacity to make friends and allies in unlikely places.

Shatterpoint Mando 2

The Mandalorian is a warrior with few equals, toughed by impenetrable Beskar armor and possessing the weaponry and gumption to take on any who would threaten his small family. He and Grogu are truly A Clan of Two. This Active Ability lets him Dash and potentially follow-up with a 5-dice attack or draw on Grogu’s latent powers to Push an enemy away. The Mandalorian prefers to avoid relying too much on Grogu’s strange powers, but sometimes asks him to Do the Magic Hand Thing, a Reactive Ability that can punish ranged attackers who roll a Failure, a similar skill as is found among some Jedi and other Force empowered individuals.

Shatterpoint Mando 3

A lifetime as an outnumbered bounty hunter has forced the Mandalorian to be Fearless and Inventive. This Reactive Ability represents his expertise fighting multiple foes to redirect their attacks against one another, allowing his melee attacks to be enhanced proportionately to how badly he is surrounded. He and his friends have a knack for escaping ambushes and surviving impossible odds, for This is the Way. This Identity Ability allows him to Heal a bit while also Repositioning when one of his allies is wounded, also removing conditions from those friends nearby, buying them a chance to Hunker down to weather incoming fire.

As a skilled bounty hunter, the Mandalorian’s Stances represent his willingness to carefully neutralize a target for capture, or to eliminate them swiftly and brutally. His Bring You In Warm Stance is flexible and dual-purpose but particularly enhances the Mandalorian’s melee attacks, giving slightly stronger Melee Attack Stats and Melee Expertise Chart results. This Stance’s Combat Tree offers two early Shoves, but allows for a bonus Dash and to Pin the foe or a chance to Disarm and Strain them, ending with a very tactically useful Reposition.

Shatterpoint Mando 4

His Bring You In Cold Stance but focuses on quick damage output to neutralize a tough adversary. Part of this comes from the strength of his Amban Sniper Rifle and its potent Ranged Attack Expertise Chart, which can potentially greatly magnify the damage output of this weapon. This Stance has slightly higher Ranged Attack Stats to assist this, as well as a Combat Tree focusing initially on damage, but at the higher end opening several ways to impair a foe, plus a slightly easier to reach Reposition option. This tree can inflict Strained, Exposed, up to two Shoves, and a chance to activate A Clan of Two for a chance at additional damage and board control.

Shatterpoint Mando 5

It’s hard to go wrong with either Stance, and worth noting that both provide very effective battle options and equally strong Defensive Stats and Defensive Expertise Chart outcomes. The Mandalorian is very difficult to neutralize even when at his most aggressive. The fact that both Stance trees and his Defensive Expertise Chart offer Reposition makes the Mandalorian hard to keep contained if his dice are on fire.

Even if he was just on his own, the Mandalorian would be a force to be reckoned with, but together with Grogu it’s easy to understand why the entire Bounty Hunter Guild couldn’t take him down. Plus only a heartless monster would try to attack or capture Grogu. Just look at him.

Shatterpoint Mando 6

Make sure to check back for our next Shatterpoint Unit preview, where we give you a first look at how your favorite characters from the Star Wars™ galaxy translate into the gameplay of Shatterpoint. Pre-order your own copy of Star Wars: Shatterpoint at your local game store or through our webstore today.

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!

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    Ich bin erstaunt, dass AMG es immer wieder schafft, einzelne Facetten von Charakteren auf den Tisch zu übersetzen. Do the magic hand thing hätte ich mir defensiv vorgestellt, aber jede andere Fähigkeiten passt ungeheuer gut zur Darstellung auf dem Bildschirm.

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